Xi ‘an Mingde Institute of Technology in 2022

2022-07-29 0 By

In 2022, Xi ‘an Mingde Institute of Technology announced the 2022 upgrade of the intended enrollment of major, now we have a look at the specific situation!Note: The final enrollment plan for major and sub-major is subject to the information Management Platform for Upgrading regular Higher Education of Shaanxi Province.Compared with the enrollment policy for 2021, the majors of literature and history and art will be the same as those for 2021, while the majors of science and technology will add software engineering, electronic information engineering and financial management.These are the majors that xi ‘an Mingde Institute of Technology intends to recruit in 2022!You can leave a message below if you want to know about the exam information. We will arrange the relevant content for you later. Please pay attention to the “Chuan Love Sheng This home”.