16 March: Juventus vs Villarreal (EpL)

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Juventus have completely recovered from their early season slump, beating Salernitana 2-0 in the 15th round of the league to go 21 games unbeaten in all competitions.In 29 rounds of league, 16 wins, 8 draws and 5 losses ranked fourth with 56 points, only 7 points behind AC Milan at the top of the league, scoring 45 goals and losing 26 goals. Although the attack is still not as good as the top three teams, the defensive performance has stabilized and losing 26 goals is the third best defensive data in Serie A.Juve have won 5, drawn 1 and lost 7 games in the Champions League this season, winning 3 home games in the group stage, including a 1-0 win over Chelsea, the champions League home results are good.With the signing of miodrag vlahovic winter window, Juventus are more inclined to play two strikers of 442 or 342, obvious ascending the speed of attack of the two side, regardless of the champions league group stage or league Juventus attack speed visible to the naked eye, already become a full-back kua Della much more in recent games appear in the winger position,The offensive attributes are still a shadow of their former peak.Frontcourt miodrag vlahovic offensive fulcrum effect is very obvious, he is opened to mora tara more offensive and shot space, two strikers Juventus striker common characteristics is particularly strong ability to grasp the opportunity, maura scored eight goals in all competitions this season, at sampdoria last round league scoring two yuan, miodrag vlahovic winter window to team after the league has scored 3 goals for juve,It was his goal just 32 seconds into the first leg against Huang Qian that gave Juve an early lead.This field in the squad aspect, veteran chiellini and dybala injury return to juve offensive and defensive both sides of the great help, but the left back sandro, bonucci, as well as the midfield zakaria, side midfielder McKenny will be injured, but with juve’s current style of play, the squad can choose more.Villarreal are seventh on 45 points with 12 wins, nine draws and seven losses in la Liga, also recovering from a poor start to the season and now just six points adrift of the top four.The team has won 5, drawn 3 and lost 2 in the last 10 games, unbeaten against Atletico Madrid, Real Madrid and Juventus, and won at least 50% of the last 10 away games.Villarreal have won three, drawn two and lost two of their first seven games in the Champions League this season, winning away against youth and Atalanta, but were not consistently beaten home and away by Manchester United.The first leg of the knockout game, the team was juve’s counter-attack on the beginning of the game, but it took a lot of effort or by Parajo’s push from the middle to equalise the score, the whole game, Huang Qian’s back line was a vlahovic involved too much energy.In terms of the lineup, the team’s main right back Foster is injured, the main central defender Albiol is very likely not to play due to injury, plus the midfield Capue, wing moreno, the potential lineup selection of huang will face some problems, especially in the middle and back.This field index shows good juve.In view of the first leg away draw was only 50-50, juve are favored to win at home to advance.Brighton vs Tottenham on Wednesday 001 Premiership match Match score: 2-1/2-0