6pm!The 37-year-old ronaldo has been criticised for his controversial comments by lewan and his fans

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In an interview published by France Football at 6pm on February 13, Levan was asked: “What does it mean to be a great striker?To score a lot of goals?””A striker is not only judged by the number of goals he scores, but also by how he works with his teammates and gives to them, how he runs, how he sprints and creates opportunities for them,” lewan said.Levan was also asked about “statistics”, which he said: “Nowadays people only look at the highlights of the game rather than watching the game.With statistics, strikers are criticised whenever they don’t score.But you know, strikers can have a good game without scoring.Now, when Levan said it, it was clear what he meant.In Lewan’s view, a striker’s role is not just in scoring goals, but in other areas as well.In addition, the high score does not always mean the strikers are doing well, and the low score does not mean the strikers are not doing well.Lewan apparently made a controversial statement and 37-year-old striker Cristiano Ronaldo was questioned.To this, the fans make fun of the sound.Ronaldo, after all, has been on a quest to score great goals in recent years, eclipsing legendary strikers after legendary strikers to create a luxurious scoring record, with 803 goals to date, the most in active service.Yes, cristiano ronaldo scores a lot of goals, but he gets a lot of criticism.This is because Ronaldo is also the player who shoots the most, he often forced shots in the game, inefficient free kicks, still choose to take.At the same time, ronaldo can also affect the performance of his teammates. When ronaldo arrived at Juve, the performance of dybala declined, and at Manchester United, fergie’s performance was also not as good as in the past.Although Ronaldo’s scoring figures are good, the team’s record is not good.That is to say, in recent years, whether at Juve or Manchester United, Ronaldo’s arrival has cannibalised his team-mates’ shooting stats, forcing them to sacrifice their scoring stats so that Ronaldo’s stats remain strong.In addition, it is understood that in the last three seasons, Ronaldo for Juve and Manchester United a total of 117 games, he only 13 assists, an average of every nine games, only 1 assist, assist efficiency is indeed low, the ability to drive the attack is very limited.The fans booed.One fan said: “It is clear that Cristiano ronaldo is now the number one player. Lewan is the number one player.Another fan said: “Ronaldo is too keen on individual statistics, he is not as complete as Messi.””It seems lewan admires Messi and has no feelings for Cristiano ronaldo. Lewan’s latest comments have caused controversy.