Ancient poetry commonly used allusions: Wu Xi flute and the road before the vast sorrow sunset, spit pot hit the lack of any elegy

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Wuxi Flute: In the Eastern Han Dynasty, there was a man named Ma Yuan, whose name was Wenyuan. He was a native of Fufeng Maoling (now west of Pingling, Shaanxi province).It is the ancestor of The tiger General Ma Chao in The Three Kingdoms period.He successively served as prefect of Longxi, Huben Zhong Lang, Fubo general and other positions.His apprentice hence parasitic very good long flute, Ma Yuan made “Wu Xi deep” famous, sigh water depth turbulent chrysanthemum urgent, wade difficult.Later, it was used as an allusion to the song of parting.Tang. Li Qunyu wrote in the poem “Give the Capital to Xue” : “Do not play wuxi flute, and ascend zhong Xuan Lou.”In the sentence.Legend has it that when he lived in the Jin Dynasty, general Wang Dun was very concerned about the current situation and people’s lives. After drinking, he often recited cao Cao’s poem: “Li-an old hero, costrum.Martyrs old age, ambition.”The spout of the spout has been broken for a long time with the iron rustle.See “Jin Shu. Wang Dun biography” records.Later, it refers to the expression of courage or injustice.Qing. Zhang Chunfan in the “nine tail turtle” in the seventh back to write: “the road ahead of vast sorrow twilight, spit pot hit the lack of any elegy.Why have more prosperous dream, scratching the first to call helplessly.