Battlefield 2042 has suspended mission bonuses for the week due to recent events

2022-07-30 0 By

Due to recent international events, DICE has announced that battlefield 2042’s weekly missions will be disabled, and its reward — the fictional Russian Mi-240 Super Hind attack helicopter skin — will no longer be unlocked.DICE tweeted: “Due to current events, we have disabled the weekly quest system for this week and this week’s rewards are no longer unlockable.Players who have completed this week’s missions will not be affected, and the weekly missions will return next week.”Battlefield Wikipedia describes the Mi-240 Super Hind as an “evolution” of Russian reality mi-24 attack helicopters.It is very similar to the real-life version, with a unique dual cockpit design and wings capable of mounting multiple weapon systems.This isn’t the first time a Russia-related in-game item has had a problem: In November 2021, the epic skin of the in-game expert character “Boris” also had to be renamed.DICE said at the time that “it inadvertently references real-world issues and does not reflect the values of our team.”The skin was previously known as “Little Green Men”, a name given to an irregular Russian army.