Chen Wei, 22, is a Chinese-American with Chinese parents and a father from rural Guangxi province

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Beijing Winter Olympic Games, some people are the focus of attention, praise, others stand out, a lot of criticism.Chen Wei, a Chinese-American figure skater, defeated Yuzuru Hanyu to win the men’s singles title at the East Olympics.You know, he’s only 22 years old, and at this level of development, there’s a lot of potential.He grew up in the United States and was greatly influenced by his parents. His father entered the United States in 1988 for further study and later opened his own company and studio, obtaining a Green card, while his mother worked as a translator.However, both of his parents are Chinese, with his father originally from rural Guangxi and his mother in Beijing.From that perspective, it’s hard to imagine him making it into sports, but he did.The reason why he entered the university is related to his family. His brother and sister all have a strong gene of ice and snow. Naturally, he also has a seed of ice and snow in his heart.In addition to the usual love of ice and snow, he also dabbles in piano, gymnastics and other projects, have won awards, called him an all-round prince is not too much.Through this Winter Olympics, many people compared him with Gu Ailing, two people walk the road is also completely opposite.To say why a lot of people scold, some of them still said.Some time ago, some people in the US criticized China, and he agreed with them.Going back to the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, he chose controversial tracks.From the point of view of our countrymen, this is inappropriate.Why do you wade in the water?I think it has something to do with parenting.He fell in love with ice sports at the age of three, watching his two older sisters skate during the 2012 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City.Interestingly, it was not figure skating that he liked at first, but ice hockey. The reason why he changed later was that his family wanted to prevent him from getting hurt.The second year, he began to participate in some age-appropriate competitions, slowly accumulate experience.By the age of 10, she was already the youngest winner of the American Rookie category.In 27, he won the gold medal of men’s single at the US Figure skating Championships, which made him famous.Soon after, he won the Four Continents Championship, defeating Hanyu.Why is it so powerful?A lot of people will say that he is gifted, in fact, more inseparable from his parents’ education.When his parents knew he liked skating, they decided to cultivate him.In those days, it was very expensive to hire a coach, and the family had limited resources to hire a coach once every two weeks. In order for the son to learn more, the mother would follow, take notes and ask the coach questions.Whenever there was a match, mother always followed, cheering and cheering.Later, when it was necessary to train elsewhere, my mother followed.However, there is a serious lack of parental education in the treatment of the native land, leading to some problems.In other words, he doesn’t know much about China.Speaking of this, I think of Gu Ailing again. On the contrary, Gu Ailing likes listening to Chinese stories, speaking Chinese and playing in Beijing hutong since she was very young. She thinks she is Chinese.It was this determination that led her to renounce her American citizenship, and she was praised for it.Youth is the age of shaping values. I hope Chen Wei can listen to both.Of course, it is understandable that one’s own way is one’s own, and no one has the right to interfere.At the end of the day, I think when the country is strong, someone will come.If you bloom, the butterflies will come. That’s a good place to put it.I hope our motherland will become stronger and stronger with more and more talents.