Everything can be blind box?”Blind box wind” blowing more and more behind the chaos of frequency

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Workers daily client reporter Yang Zhaokui blind box economy because of its “winning” unknown to consumers to bring surprise, interest and temptation, by consumers in pursuit.However, the blind box economy has gradually exposed many problems in its development.The China Consumer Consumers Association recently released an analysis of complaints received by Consumers’ Associations in 2021, pointing out that blind box consumption has six major problems, including the sale of imminent or even expired goods and the sale of live animals, and suggesting a red line for blind box business, banning the marketing of blind boxes for young children, special goods and special areas.At the end of January, a netizen said on a short video platform that he bought three blind boxes (36) of Bubbomat SP series online, only to find that the bottom of one of the boxes, which was supposed to be sealed, had been removed.The video has attracted the attention of blind box lovers since it was released.In response, Bubbomat said it would pay compensation.As early as 2020, there was a case of secondary sales in its offline stores, and the company eventually fired the employees involved, according to media reports.In addition to the problem of secondary sales, blind box consumption still exists a lot of confusion.The association pointed out that the main problems reported by consumers are: first, blind boxes are used to sell temporary goods, even expired products or fake and shoddy products.For example, if they claim that the online cosmetics have reached a certain price, they can add 1 yuan to the blind box, but the blind box actually contains the products that are about to expire.Second, blind boxes are used to induce consumption. For example, catering enterprises and blind box sellers jointly launch “blind box set with joint name” to induce consumers to overconsume, obtain blind box with limited amount, and aggravate food waste.Third, blind box is used to sell live animals;Fourth, some merchants refuse to assume the after-sale responsibility of blind box goods;5. Induce juvenile impulse consumption in the name of collection, rarity and limit;Sixth, the probability of blind box is not transparent, there are private demolition and then sell (second sale) and other fraudulent situations.For example, on August 27, 2021, Ms. Wang, a consumer from Anhui province, complained to the local consumers’ association that her child bought a blind box in a book store. When she opened it, she found that it was milk tea with a production date of 2019, which had passed its expiration date, and demanded compensation from the operator.Local consumer association staff found in the investigation, the book city shelves are indeed placed with the same batch of products, which contain expired food.After mediation, the operator handles refund for the consumer.Relevant departments have also placed a case on file.Li Bin, a lawyer from Beijing Zhongwen Law Firm, said that at present, blind box consumption is expanding disordered, and the “blind box wind” such as manual blind box, air ticket blind box and pet blind box is getting stronger and stronger. It seems that “everything can be blind box”.But the ensuing blind box fake, refuse to assume responsibility, illegal sales, unknown probability, blind box addiction and other problems are increasingly prominent.Therefore, suggest that pair to strengthen regulation, delimit the blind box business line, for young children, special products, special field ban blind box of marketing, for blind box prices, sales methods, probability expression, such as the clear regulation, for the illegal sale, black-box operation, improper induction, sky-high hype, avoid responsibility behavior, effectively safeguarding legitimate rights and interests of consumers.