Give it up completely?950,000 people died in vain, and the U.S. wants to ease quarantine restrictions at a critical moment

2022-07-30 0 By

2022 years later, the United States had ushered in a wave of explosive growth, Mr Mick Dijon strains of fierce offensive, let us keep the high number of new infections, the highest topped nearly 1.5 million new infections a day, now the American new was finally control down, reached five digits, new will remain in the tens of thousands of people in a single day.Fauci says the U.S. is now out of the pandemic phase and on a more balanced path, according to USA Today.Despite the sharp drop in the number of new infections, the number of deaths from the virus in the United States remains grim, and is expected to reach 1 million by April.Fauci is optimistic about the situation in the United States, saying that this trend could lead to herd immunity levels, and that as the pandemic phase passes, more and more restrictions will be relaxed and people will be able to protect themselves against the virus by taking daily precautions.Now, some states have begun to relax the policy of wearing masks. Seeing this, many people are saying that the United States is giving up the epidemic completely.Maybe 950,000 people died in vain.In the past, the United States has repeatedly relaxed quarantine measures when the epidemic was not fully under control, only to see the epidemic rebound again, paying a heavy price but still failing to learn its lesson.Now the United States the outbreak and epidemic prevention work, arguably, such a critical moment should be the momentum, continue to the epidemic prevention policy, until the outbreak is completely control, to minimize the risk of again after relaxing restrictions, only the United States has not yet reached this standard, but wanting to relax restrictions, epidemic prevention this is obviously going to repeat history.Aggregated data from all parts of the United States indicate that the number of deaths has increased in many areas.This is unusual, especially in Virginia, where the number of deaths from the virus has increased 2.6 times in the last two weeks compared to the previous period.Zhong Nanshan, a Chinese expert, has warned that in order to normalize life, the death rate must be under 0.1%. With such a high death rate in the United States, it is not qualified to relax quarantine measures at all, and all previous efforts may be in vain.Masks will still be necessary regardless of whether the pandemic is better or not, and even if the U.S. lifts restrictions on some public places, people should always wear masks when traveling, but the CDC may consider lifting its recommendation that everyone wear masks in public places.Spring is the peak season for transmission, and if this pattern were adopted in the United States, it would lead to an increased chance of transmission of the influenza virus, and if you add in the threat of the Novel Coronavirus, which also has some of the same symptoms, it is likely to lead to miscalculation, and there is more uncertainty.If people get sick and mistake it for the flu, and spread the virus further, the epidemic in the United States could rebound to a new peak, perhaps worse than any before.The United States is a liberal country, purports to promote democracy and freedom, but their so-called freedom may lead to life-threatening, especially in the case of the epidemic crisis has not completely remove, America’s most should do is to maintain a positive and epidemic prevention, rather than its epidemic prevention prematurely, it will only lead to more heavy cost in the end.