Guijingu high-speed Xifeng within the territory of the three bidding sections of the construction project steady progress

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The construction of jinfeng Wujiang Bridge on guijin Expressway is in full swing.Recently, the author learned from the construction site of the Guijingu high-speed project, in xifeng territory of 3 bidding sections are in orderly construction, steady progress.As the control project of guijinguo-Jinguo-expressway, the construction of jinfeng Wujiang Bridge is in full swing. It is expected to be completed and open to traffic by the end of December this year, providing strong transportation guarantee for the high-quality development of Xifeng during the 14th Five-year Plan period.Guijin highway Xifeng territory 8 bid section construction site.Guiyang via Jinsha to Gulin Expressway is one of the highway Planning of Guizhou Province (Encrypted Planning). It is the nearest big channel connecting Guiyang of Guizhou province and Chengdu of Sichuan Province, with a total length of 160.765 kilometers.Xifeng 14.6 kilometers, was east-west through shitong town, Jiuzhuang town, shitong town set up export tollstation;In jiuzhuang town reserved exports, set up a hub to connect the highway.Guiyang territory is expected to be completed by the end of this year open to traffic, when the xifeng territory expressway will form “two longitudinal (all ge, GUI Jin Gu high speed) a horizontal (GUI Zun high speed)” pattern.Excavators waving big arms, engineering vehicles shuttle back and forth, workers wearing hard hats hard work, mechanical noise mixed with workers Shouting…The construction site was a hive of activity.”Since the construction started in May last year, we have completed an investment of 700 million yuan, accounting for 60% of the total investment.”Nine section project chief engineer Xu Chuanping introduced.Jinfeng Wujiang Bridge under construction.”The Jinfeng Wujiang Bridge is expected to be closed by the end of June and the project will be completed by the end of October.”According to Zhang Jiyong, chief engineer of the 10-section project, the 4.8-km project will involve a bridge over the Jinfeng Wujiang River and a tunnel.The jinfeng Wujiang Bridge is 1,473.5 meters long, with 1.9 kilometers of tunnel and 1.2 kilometers of roadbed. The contract will last 36 months and cost 1.26 billion yuan.At present, the jinfeng Wujiang bridge substructure, approach bridge has been completed, now the superstructure construction process, is expected to close the whole bridge at the end of June, the bridge will be closed, the installation of guardrail and other projects, the whole bridge is completed at the end of October.The tunnel is now 37 meters short of the left hole through, 87 meters short of the right hole through, in March this year all the tunnel through.”After each process and each finished product is completed, quality inspection shall be conducted, and the quality inspection shall be reported to the supervision engineer, who shall carry out the next process after passing the inspection.”Your gold 10 standard items production vice manager Xie Qinjian introduction, as “three management” guizhou luqiao group first project acceptance standard, management and technical personnel in strict accordance with the listing rules pays special attention to the construction tasks and detail controls, to implement the task layer upon layer decomposition, detailed construction plan, supervised the construction of dynamic and timely solve the problems encountered in construction,Let the project construction “run”.Feng Qingyuan, a villager from Sanhe Village in Jiuzhuang Town, was interviewed.”The highway passes through our village and everyone is happy.”Feng Qingyuan, a villager from Sanhe village in Jiuzhuang Town, said the expressway will bring villagers closer to Guiyang and Lower Sichuan, which is particularly convenient and saves time.Since then, the transportation cost and time of agricultural products planted in cities have been greatly reduced, and the people all support the construction of this highway.Map of xifeng county highway headquarters staff swimming is introduced, the highway traffic, from the town of stone adit, castle peak miao village to guiyang only half an hour’s drive, traffic location advantage further highlight, can effectively improve map of xifeng investment industry attractiveness and competitiveness of regional advantage, economic and social development along the activation energy and potential, to improve local people life level.(Photo/Wen Lixing)