“Have to answer” intention small three houses, down payment 500,000 priority recommendation in Foshan to buy where?

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Take transportation, education, life, investment and other factors into consideration. If you want to live in your first house and want to have a third house, which one should you recommend for a down payment of 500,000 YUAN?In response, Foshan Leju replied as follows: Hello!Thanks for asking!It is recommended to buy the first suite in the restricted purchase area. In view of your down payment budget of 500,000 yuan, the unit price is expected to be about 17,000-18,000 yuan /㎡ if you buy the three-room product.According to the unit price, you can lock in the chengbei, Chanxi, Ludao Lake and Nanzhuang plates in Chancheng, Lishui Heshun in Nanhai, and Foshan Xincheng, Lecong and Beijiao plates in Shunde.In terms of the above plates, can meet the metro + investment + education + supporting conditions, you can consider The Zhang Cha plate, xuhui Hengji Boshi Bay in the area in the average price of about 17,500, 30% down payment is about 450,000.In terms of supporting facilities, the project is surrounded by four affiliated schools and is close to metro Line 2. Relatively speaking, there is no need to worry about future listing problems.Second is recommended in the north of the city of Prynne Chunxiao, the real estate near zumiao business district, supporting more complete, and the development of the two central enterprises, compared to more secure.Finally, Green Island Lake plate is also a good choice, such as Baoli Zhongjiao Daduhui and Jinhuihui Yiyunting near the Huyong station of Subway Line 2. The second Xinshi Hospital and Green Island Lake School are under construction nearby, which have a certain appreciation space.※ Investment is subject to risk and planning may change. The above content is for reference only.Foshan buy where to choose?When is the best deal?How to avoid the trap of buying a house?Foshan Leju official q&A platform online, help you buy a house no longer check!If you have any questions related to real estate, welcome to ask us, Leju professional think tank to provide you with the most reliable guide to buy a house, only 16.8 yuan a question!April 6th Foshan latest real estate quotation Shunde Daliang average price of 20,000 + house renjun choose to retreat a son!Zhenro will withdraw from the Ronggui project!Zhenyue House into gold, investment shekou two development exposure!Foshan district control plan reappearance guangzhou metro!Guangfo or 11 track interconnection