I chased digital products, Mi tablet past dynasties to share

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Preface As a senior rice fan, I began to use Millet mobile phone since my student days, and now I have been inseparable from MIUI. I have also acquired several millet tablets in the tablet, and now I use the tablet 5 gai edition. Today, I would like to share my experience in millet tablet.There are two main reasons for me to use tablets: one is for games and entertainment, the other is for video, audio and video. In office, I am mainly used to laptop, and only in a few cases, I will use tablet browser to open PC web version for work.Xiaomi Tablet 2, Intel Z8500 processor, standard 2+16GB, 7.9-inch 2K screen, will be released on December 29, 2015. Xiaomi Tablet 2, Intel Z8500 processor, standard 2+16GB, 7.9-inch 2K screen,Xiaomi Tablet 3, mediatek MT8176 processor, standard with 4+64GB, 7.9-inch 2K screen, starting at 1499 YUAN8.0in 1920x1200FHD, starting at 999 YUAN Xiaomi Tablet 5/5Pro, Qualcomm Snapdragon 860/870, standard with 6+128GB, 11-inch 2.5K screen, the first of 1899 yuan Xiaomi tablet 5, the first pre-sale, this is the main board I am using now,Because the performance of the mobile phone in hand is not high, and the screen is relatively small, I always play the original god on the tablet, only when I have no time to use the mobile phone online brush resin;Although I am a meter 5 board beggar version, but the performance is completely enough, do not question, so large space 9GEN1 also pressure.The system board is 11 inches in size and it is really heavy to be honest. The game cannot be played continuously for too long, otherwise the hand will be very painful.I am very satisfied with the performance, updated the stable version of MIUI13, there are some bugs, free window is more convenient to use, the window can be dragged to adjust the size, but the window is not very easy to control;Between Mippen 5 and mippen 4, I am using Samsung tablet, I still think the system of Samsung TAB is better, the free window can be multiple, I think there is still a lot of room for improvement in this area of Xiaomi.There are a lot of parallel world support software for landscape mode at present. All the software I downloaded has been supported.At the same time, I heard that PC mode will be updated in the tablet 5Pro, I don’t know that the beggar version of the rice board 5 does not support, I am looking forward to it.Accessories since its launch the spirit touch stylus has been is not available, such as the two months I didn’t buy, buy to also haven’t been used, will play the painting software has found itself will not draw, so today has been eating ash, pick up now have electricity, so in the accessories, or want to combine their true purpose.Speaking of the experience of the trackpad, I can say that it is better than the third party, but I still feel the delay and inconvenience. The initial pressure of the pen tip is not sensitive enough, but the experience is definitely enough, after all, I know how much I spent.As for the keyboard cover, I didn’t buy it, because I really didn’t use it much. In addition, I can plug and switch to use the ordinary keyboard. There are so many functions of Type-C now, and there are always more methods than problems.Xiaomi tablet 4 brain a hot, in the tablet 4 just price 100 ran to millet home into the hand, later found that can play things are really less, not only no personality theme, buy the let version can not call!I forgot whether I could send text messages or not, but I was annoyed and sold it after 2 months. The tablet 4 is not even as good as the Mi Max, not even a big phone.Beautiful MIUI castration system, let version can’t make a phone call, can only be used for data on the Internet, lack of individuality subject, I was not familiar to use, features are lacking, familiar with beautiful MIUI feel like an intermediate system, compared to 2 generation the playability of the tablet really inferior a lot, but now used as a good brush play the video for me,Forget about games and office work.Mi tablet 2 in the previous Mi tablet is not famous, I did not buy at that time, but mi tablet 2 in the secondary market have played for a period of time, the current playability is still very popular in the market, once became a garbage collector.To sum up, Mi Tablet 2 is a very magical species, and its practical value even exceeds that of Tablet 4!The Z8500 chip of Tablet 2 is X86 architecture, which supports not only Android but also WIN. Some people even expanded the memory to 4+ 128GB, and the office capacity is directly Max. Therefore, Tablet 2 has been very popular up to now.Some even said that the Tablet 4 was not orthodox and that it was going backwards, but the tablet 5, which has been working on for three years, is finally catching on.In the tablet, it is just my previous experience sharing, maybe now there are changes in product updates. In the past two years, the digital industry has been arguing with each other. There are too many tablets launched by manufacturers, so you should choose the right one according to whether to buy the new one or not.Live seriously, spend well;Here in advance to wish you a happy New Year, the year of the Tiger, little attention do not get lost ~