Ruan Jingtian official announce amour finally, new cummer is outsider of circle, ever spread gossip with many actress

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Ruan, who will be 40 years old in 2022, has been romantically linked with many actresses and is officially declaring his third love affair.Ruan jingtian was born in a military family and loves sports since he was young. He entered the entertainment circle by chance and participated in The MV of Dai Peni.Ruan Jingtian and Liu Pinyan had a love affair, the woman is 6 years younger than him, two people have a love affair, the company does not agree, Liu Pinyan’s mother does not agree, because she was only 17 years old, ruan Jingtian and others show off Liu Pinyan for the first time to Ruan Jingtian, resulting in Liu Pinyan once very low popularity.In 2007, Ruan and Xu Weining were romantically involved. In 2011, their relationship became public. In 2015, they ended their relationship, which lasted eight years.Mr. Hui later married photographer Liu Younian, but they separated after two years together.Last year and Qiu Ze because of play affinity produced romance, two official declaration.Do not know whether Xu Weining and Qiu Ze’s marriage officer to stimulate Ruan Jingtian, he also made his love public.Ruan jingtian officially announced their relationship on social media platform, saying that his new girlfriend is a very ordinary girl, I hope you give them a little space to get to know each other, thank you for your understanding, I wish you a happy New Year, peace and health.I don’t know where ruan’s charm comes from, and many actresses have been rumored to work together. In 2019, it was revealed that ruan and Song Zuer became lovers because of the drama. They were also photographed having dinner together and even meeting their parents, but they still broke up later.They starred in “A Bite of Heartbeat” has ended, this play seems to have no circle, because the reality of the two have broken up, so this play basically no publicity, two people are not any interaction, have become the past.From the point of a disappointment to introduce new girlfriend, that they might just get to know each other, need further understanding, disappointment is 40 years old, young wanted to play before, didn’t want to married soon, now 40 years old, may have this aspect of the plans, so look for an outsider, it might be a younger girl, because it can have children after marriage.The girl outside the circle or to be careful, Wang Leehom and Li Liang Lei is a comparative failure of the example, unless Ruan Jingtian can no longer flower heart, peace of mind and her life, this will reduce a lot of trouble, after all, is a male artist, often work outside, his wife can not be closely guarded, so have to rely on his self-control ability.In fact, like Yang Youning, Zhang Xiaoquan are very low-key marriage children, completely will not spread a lot of gossip, ruan Jingtian is really serious.In fact, ruan was spotted hanging out with model Xu Mengxi (Guai Guai) after his affair with Song, but neither of them responded to the romance.Ruan Jingtian really very flower heart, play to 40 years old finally stop hand, do you want to and this circle outside the girl flash marriage early to give birth to a child?Ruan Jingtian is not very red in the mainland actually, because his appearance level is not high, acting also does not have Qiu Ze next fierce, so he starred in a few plays in the mainland are not very fire, Yang Mi and he starred in “fuyao”, rely on the popularity of Yang Mi, Ruan Jingtian is really very unpopular in the mainland.# Ruan Jingtian officially declares love #