Shandong: the construction of major projects to grab the start

2022-07-30 0 By

Machines roar, tower cranes stand, engineering vehicles come and go…During the Spring Festival, the construction of the Jilai High-speed Railway did not stop work, and the builders stuck to the construction site and sounded the “charge call” of the project construction.To ensure a solid start to the first quarter, steady investment is the top priority.The reporter learned from the provincial Development and Reform Commission that The demonstration leading and supporting role of shandong’s prominent major projects has accelerated the implementation of 2000 provincial key projects, striving for the beginning and taking the initiative to ensure that the projects are started as scheduled and rapidly formed investment-driven, providing strong support for the realization of a “steady opening” and “good start” of the economy.On January 18, Shandong issued a list of 600 provincial key projects for 2022, followed by a list of 1,400 provincial key projects.Compared with previous years, this year’s provincial key projects were announced earlier.”In our province to carry out the provincial key project planning in advance, the major strategic orientation and innovation lead development, green low carbon targets, around the ‘seven network infrastructure, industrial chain supply chain stability, society and people’s livelihood security, ecological environmental protection, such as key areas, the focus of the economic and social development with a real turn on major projects, arrange provincial key project 2000, 2022,This reflects the need for policies to be appropriately advanced.”Related person in charge of provincial Development and Reform Commission.Not only is the announcement date earlier, but the leading role of provincial key projects is also stronger.It is reported that the number of provincial key projects increased by 400 compared with last year, and the annual planned investment reached 650 billion yuan, an increase of nearly 20% compared with last year, of which emerging industries and projects to strengthen weak spots accounted for more than 70%.On the one hand, advance planning, on the other hand, accelerate progress.The chief says, the key projects of strengthening provinces, cities and counties in propulsion system, perfect management system parameter of major projects, insist on scheduling, monthly analysis, monthly bulletin, watch the timing schedule stresses the process management, watch the plugging point difficult to grasp elements, gaze at the ground to carry out the engineering construction, one thousand party hundreds of provision efficiency, progress, promote reaches producing, promote 2000 provincial key projects to speed up the implementation,We will work together to promote more than 15,000 key projects at the provincial, provincial and county levels, organize the launch of major projects in the first quarter, and strive for a “steady” and “good” start for investment in the first quarter.The key factor guarantee is to promote the project quickly or not.According to introducing, shandong can consider elements to ensure synchronization in project planning, adhere to the provincial plan as a whole and grading configuration, improving the security policy system, combined with national factor allocation policy form operational supporting measures, to promote the provincial key projects and the policy system of precise matching and to connect and balance, improve factor allocation efficiency and benefit, elements of intensive use of effective investment play a good role.(Reporter Wang Jian)