The best way to get rid of a kid is to let him spend his winter vacation the way he likes

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“Every wasted winter break in a child’s life is a ladder to a mediocre future.”Parents should understand, the real meaning of the child’s holiday, not to rest and play, if blindly indulge themselves, the child’s results will eventually become out of control.It is the nature of every child to play, and holidays without supervision can ruin a child’s life.The indulgence and idleness of a few short holidays will eventually bring the child a lifetime of frustrations and lowliness.Good habits can benefit children for life, but bad habits can affect a lifetime.The best thing a parent can do is make a child truly aware of his limitations, quietly improve himself during the holidays, and then surprise everyone.I believe that it is every parent’s instinct to love their children, but not to spoil them.It is the responsibility of all parents to educate and guide their children.Make sure that every vacation is spent meaningfully, not in a virtual world of games.Perhaps the child does not understand temporarily, but one day, he will be grateful for your original severity to him.There is a saying that goes like this: behind every blooming flower, we cannot leave the day after day of hard watering.Every child with excellent self-discipline can’t do without parental discipline and guidance.There is no shortcut to success, it needs to be down-to-earth, little by little accumulation.Learning is like running, everyone is running hard, if you do not strive to catch up, you will fall behind.If knowledge is the ladder of human progress, that reading is the stepping stone to acquire knowledge.Take your child to the library or a nearby bookstore and let him choose books that interest him.Holidays are the most suitable time for reading. Let children stay away from mobile phones and games and read books quietly, which will have a long-term impact on children.As the saying goes, no pains, no gains, no one’s success is unearned.I thought, instead of having a house for my kid, I’d fill his growing bag with books.Children’s learning is important, but also pay attention to the combination of work and rest, the body is the foundation of everything, movement is the source of all life.Parents can accompany their children to do some aerobic exercise, or yoga, to strengthen their children’s physique, improve resistance.You can also find more appropriate entertainment for children, such as sports, travel, let children relax.Take children to get close to nature, to enjoy the bright sunshine, enjoy the blue sky and white clouds, breathe the fresh air, these are far more meaningful than children playing games all day.The holidays are the best time to strengthen the parent-child relationship. Parents should take this opportunity to work together with their children to create a loving, warm family atmosphere and spend time with their children doing meaningful things.Some people are wasting their time, while others are working hard silently. The hard work and sweat you have paid will not be wasted.Learning itself is a hard process, the harder you work, the luckier you will be.Serious people change themselves, disciplined people change the future.Take advantage of the holidays, boys.You must try your best to break out of the cocoon and become a butterfly.Please believe in yourself, you are no worse than anyone else, you have the ability to surpass anyone.Mencius said, ‘When the day is about to descend upon us a great duty, we must first afflict them and strain their muscles and bones.’It’s like a spice. The more you pound it, the finer you grind it, the stronger it gets.Eat bitter, bitter, people.A child without an umbrella must run hard.Only time can not be despised, only efforts can not live up to.The life you want, only work hard, can have.For more exciting content, follow qiu Jia Chat education