The south Korean women’s football coach praised the Chinese women’s football team now the South Korean women’s football team has not qualified for the Olympic Games

2022-07-30 0 By

Yangtze Evening News network On February 5th (reporter Sun Yunyue zhang Chen Asdan Zhang Hao) Beijing time at 19:00 on February 6th, the 2022 Women’s Asian Cup final, China women’s football team will play against South Korea women’s football team.Before the match, Korea women’s football team head coach Colin Bell attended the pre-match press conference.”Tomorrow’s game will be dominated by the mentality of both sides,” bale said. “We are all fit and we have no injuries, we will put out our best starting 11 and the team is ready.Although the Chinese team is very strong, we will still try our best.””Now that we have achieved our biggest goal of qualifying for the World Cup, we need to be more confident as a team. Our players are very good, they have developed mutual trust from a young age, we have done a lot of targeted tactics and we believe that the team will try to win the World Cup.”There are a lot of differences between the team and the one we lost to China a year ago. At least we had a few warm-up opportunities for the team, compared to the one we had in the play-off early last year.””The Chinese are a very tough team physically and mentally, and they have some very strong individual players,” Bell said of the Korean women’s team’s seven-match winless record against China.A year ago, we lost to our opponents in the Olympic qualifiers, and the national team didn’t play for a long time after that, but the Korean women’s soccer team didn’t stop developing, and we will work hard to achieve our goals.Tomorrow’s game is a deciding game and we’re here to look forward.””We have a lot of players in every position and we have a lot of confidence,” she said.Tomorrow’s game is very difficult and we have to be confident enough to play better.Along the way we have met a lot of good teams, no team can underestimate us, this is our first Asian Cup final, I am sure the players will play well.The team is hungry and prepared well. I am very satisfied to be in the final. I am very proud of our players.”Proofreading su Yun source: Purple Cow News