Tiger 3X price straight down 2000 yuan welcome to the store taste

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Ruihu 3X price drop 2000 yuan welcome to the store tasting 4S shop Luzhou Jianguo Chery 2022-02-25 17:33 released only 1 days left In the store Ruihu 3X sales, color optional, some models can discount 0.600 million yuan, Ruihu 3X diamond edition, five listing ceremony:The first 10,000 car buyers can buy one and get two (one brand electric car as a gift) : cash subsidy of 2000 YUAN for car replacement (you can enjoy cash subsidy of up to 3000 yuan for car financial purchase: life-long engine warranty for car purchase:Chery certified owners recommend new users to buy cars through the mini program “Chery Owners Club”. Owners who have already bought cars can get a 300 yuan maintenance voucher and 10,000 points of Chery Owners Club, and new users can get a 500 yuan purchase voucher.Buy a car to enjoy 2000 yuan cash discount, up to 3000 yuan financial subsidy, 2000 yuan replacement subsidy, engine lifetime warranty.Our shop also provides you with: financial car purchase, insurance, such as one-stop service!