Timid to fat!Vietnamese drug dealers arrested for delivering heroin during Lunar New Year holiday

2022-07-30 0 By

Recently, Song was in Charge of transporting 72 pieces of heroin in Vietnam for 10 million Dong, which was discovered by border guards this morning.Song, 34, from Muong Khuong, was arrested at 4am on February 3 by the Border Defense Crime Division and The Lao Jie Border Force for the illegal transport of drugs.72 pieces of heroin were collected at the scene.Song claimed that a man in Dien Bien hired her for VND 10 million to transport the drugs from Van Ban district to Muong Khuong.Song then rode his motorcycle to Muong Khuong and was arrested on his return.Also on the morning of 3 February, the Border Narcotics Division, in cooperation with the Border guards of Dien Bien Province, arrested three more suspects and some heroin was collected at the scene.The two cases are under further investigation.