Warcraft TBC: Egg knife rotten street?Master hand penetration rate over 16%, double blade berserk is still rejected group

2022-07-30 0 By

World of Warcraft TBC nostalgia P3 stage has gone through 3 CD, netizens no matter in the media platform, or friends and relatives are full of the news of falling egg knife, as if TBC nostalgia clothing overnight into the state of the egg knife all over the ground, so the egg knife really has been popular?We still have to use the data.The weapon leaderboard feature of the WCL applet measures the current equipment penetration rate of players, so we can check how many rogues and berserkers have purchased egg knives.The penetration rate of the combat Thief main hand egg knife is 16%, which is extremely high, one out of every six thieves has an egg knife, considering that only 3 CDS have been played so far, at this rate, almost all rogue players will have an egg knife in about 4 months.The penetration rate of the offhand egg knife is less than half, but still 7%. Based on this figure, almost 40% of rogue players will have dual swords in 4 months. According to the development schedule of TBC’s nostalgic suit, it has just released the Zuman version of P4, and by the time the P5 Sunwell version is released, the penetration rate of dual swords will be over 80%.Detective thinks no thief would be able to say hello without a double egg knife.In addition to the egg knife, you can also pay attention to the popularity of other weapons, the main hand of the thief without the egg knife chose Azsara claw, the second hand chose S3/S2 saber, players can refer to it.Let’s take a look at the stats for berserk battles. Because egg Knife doesn’t improve berserk as much as rogue, the enthusiasm of warrior players is significantly lower.Only 5% of berserkers have primary hand egg knives, and the prevalence of offhand egg knives is a pitifully low 4%. At this rate, it will take at least 15 months for berserkers to become widely available in the WLK version.Berserker’s favorite weapon is the Dragon strike, which has a 95% chance of playing and is standard for almost all berserkers.From the WCL data, the T6 clan’s Savage blade and Evil Blade are rarely used in melee DPS, so it seems that these two P3’s must be somewhat lonely.Is it easier for melee players to get an egg knife?Unfortunately, the status of melee is still awkward.For example, the berserker player asked for a group of storm fortress, and the leader asked him if he had the talons of Azara. Berserker showed the madness of double swords and betrayers, but the leader turned out to be a white, saying that the warrior player fooled him with the prince Orange wu, or did not let him into the group.The colonel really had the style of the hunter who hit the storm and ran away with the orange bow. One did not know the seven weapons, the other did not know the egg knife, which could be called a perfect match.Rogue players have similar despair, just got a master hand egg knife, lost the qualification to join the group, the leader directly required players to open a shaman number or warlock number, the qualification to touch the egg knife to the boss number.It seems that no matter how well the melee player is equipped or how high his DPS is, in the eyes of some leaders, he is just a consumer, not a member of the team. Therefore, melee players who hope to turn over when they get the egg sword should think well, when they get the double sword, they may only get the result of unemployment.Finally, the question comes, how do you netizens see the rapid popularity of egg knife?Will you take a look at Double Blade Rogues/Berserk?