Why only Zhu Chenjie cried!Many veterans of the National football team have been lost to numbness, a big change of blood from the beginning of the end

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The humiliating loss to Vietnam on the first day of the lunar New Year made fans angry, but most of the national football team’s players were indifferent after the game. Only one post-2000 player, Zhu Chenjie, shed tears, showing that the national football team had no blood left.After being eliminated, the national football team is bound to face a big change of blood.The defeat to Vietnam, coach Li Xiaopeng after the game, an important reason is that the pre-game excessive motivation, leading to the players too much pressure, in the field.The problem is, this game, the National football team did not use a large number of new, or veteran.The first can count on the new, that is, Dai Weijun, Xu Xin and Zhu Chenjie, Yan Junling, Zhang Linpeng, Wang Shenchao, Wu Xi, Wu Lei and others, almost all are the veteran of the National football team, more Luo Guofu, Alan and Jiang Guangtai this several naturalized players.But from the point of view of the game, Zhang Linpeng, Wang Shenchao, Wu Xi, Wu Lei and other players, it is the performance of the most nervous, not to open the hands and feet of the few, not only many mistakes, but also appear to be no energy in the field, where are the experience of these veterans?In contrast, the game, a few of the team’s performance is good, not nervous, just the young players, Dai Weijun and Zhu Chen jie has a pretty good play, the second half substitute up WeiShiHao and yuning zhang also made a lot of threats, and zhang linpeng, Wang Shen super, compared to lei and others fear hands and feet, they are more energetic, not fear any opponent.In fact, in the last game against Japan, China’s second-half performance improved because of the substitution of Dai Weijun and Wei Shihao, while Zhang Yuning and Zhu Chenjie were the two most consistent and decisive players in that start.And the worst performance in the game, or a few veteran Zheng Zheng, Wang Shenchao, Wu Lei and other people.This is no accident.One detail is that after the national football team lost to Vietnam, when the players left the field, only zhu Chenjie, a young player born in the 2000s, wept in the face of such a great humiliation, while the other players looked indifferent and accepted it silently.In the last game, under the provocation of the Japanese players, only Wei Shihao dared to directly carry, only Xu Xin shouted loudly in the midfield, and most of the others played quite silent, without blood.It can be said that these veterans had already arrived at the time to be replaced, but because of various reasons, has not been replaced, so they have lost some numbness on the field, lack of fighting spirit, can be described with veteran.Lippi had originally planned to change the squad before the 2019 Asian Cup, but the football association did not intend to renew his contract, leading lippi to consider the Asian Cup to be his final game, he took a group of veterans in their late 20s to the Asian Cup.Subsequently, Lipi accident to obtain a renewal, second palace he wants to use a group of young people plus naturalization, but because of poor results, resign to leave.When Li Tie took the job, his contract only ended in the top 40, so he used players who were older than Lippi, with an average age of more than 30, and played in a few top 12 matches before starting zhu Chen Jie, who was lippi’s hand-picked future first team.After Li Xiaopeng took office, the two games were still stable, the veterans continued to become the main force, young people can only gradually get the opportunity to play.The last game lost to Japan, famous li Yi on the public appeal, the national football team needs to change blood as soon as possible, the result of this game, Li Xiaopeng suffered.Next, has been out of the team’s no burden, Li Xiaopeng should be extensive use of new people, give them the opportunity to exercise, except Dai Weijun and Zhu Chen jie yuning zhang, WeiShiHao, China and others should lock the main body, combined with players such as Deng Hanwen gradually, the team’s need to be eliminated greaseball, even to bear some pain.