Chery’s new OMODA 5 debuts at Guangzhou Auto Show

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On November 19, Chery Automobile officially launched its new product series — OMODA at guangzhou Auto Show, and debuted its first model in the series — OMODA 5.On the scene of the press conference, Jia Yaquan, deputy General Manager of Chery Automobile Co., LTD., general manager of marketing company, said that OMODA is chery’s new global product series, which represents Chery automobile’s in-depth insight and thinking on youth and globalization, and will fully empower the current generation Z young consumers with fashionable travel experience.In the future, Chery Automobile will accelerate the expansion of the circle, focus on user experience and user scene building, and continue to create value for users.Chery automobile co., LTD., general manager, deputy general manager, marketing Gu Yaquan speech chery automobile marketing company’s assistant general manager goofy, people become more and more after the 95 Z generation chery automobile loyal users, they have a natural bold, dare to challenge the life attitude, is the pursuit of personality, I brought the agitation of the unique aesthetic,More with a global vision, self-reliance uncommon pattern of life.OMODA is born for these “new generation of core players”, and is committed to creating excellent trendy travel experience for the new generation of core players around the world with chery’s most cutting-edge technology.As a global naming scheme, OMODA was voted out of more than 10,000 naming suggestions from more than 30 countries around the world.OMODA comes from the Latin root, “O” means brand new, “MODA” means fashion trend, representing the global new generation of young people’s understanding and pursuit of fashion trend.OMODA 5, the first model of OMODA series, made its global debut at the conference site. The new car is positioned as a “new generation of hardcore trendy SUV”.”New Generation” is similar to generation Z. “Hard core” represents the leading core technology strength of OMODA 5, and also represents the frank and lively attitude of young people. And “Tide Run” interprets its style charm and running grid strength.According to Steve Eum, executive Director of Chery Automobile Styling And Design Center, OMODA 5 adopts the groundbreaking design concept of “Art in Motion”, which is a revolution of cutting-edge technology and dynamic modeling, focusing on the balance of light and shadow to create a fluid and expressive appearance.OMODA 5 has a borderless front face design, coupled with a diamond matrix grille, which makes the whole front face design more sharp.Dynamic balance is achieved by creating powerful muscular lines, short hanging and gradual silhouettes.Light – speed waist line, double – layer progressive rear wing and sliding back shape, all reflect the careful consideration of aerodynamics.Visually, it presents a more passionate and youthful feeling, which coincides with the surging driving interest desired by the new generation of users.Under the static appearance, the dynamic spirit is in the type, the contemplation is fascinating, and the driving is more dynamic fun.OMODA 5 has a body length x width x height of 4400x1830x1585mm and a wheelbase of 2630mm.The exterior and interior of the new car are designed with different colors to provide a variety of styles.The new car adopts split headlight design, equipped with moon-cut LED daily running lights and urban streamer matrix LED taillights, as well as 18 “smoked black highlight color collision sports wheels, showing the avant-garde style and fashion beauty.The interior is designed with a 12.3-inch ultra-wide hd curved screen, equipped with integrated sports seats, so that science and technology and sports bring out the best in each other, and present the best technology texture and pleasing to the eye.As the first global model of OMODA series, OMODA 5 meets the world’s five MAJOR NCAP standards. It is expected to be launched in China in the first half of 2022, and will be launched in more than 30 countries and regions in the world, including Russia and Brazil.The new car will be powered by a 1.6TGDI engine from Kunpeng Power, with electric and hybrid versions to follow globally.On the scene of the press conference, Chery Automobile announced that it would open the OMODA Chinese name co-creation activity in chery Owner Club mini program, and participants would have the opportunity to buy OMODA 5 rights at half price.In addition, Chery Auto also announced that axi, a girl of the OMODA Universe, will serve as a virtual spokesperson to break through the dimensional wall with OMODA 5 users and join and explore the “OMODA Metasomuniverse” together.From January to October in 2021, Chery Automobile achieved a cumulative sales volume of 502,000 units, with a year-on-year growth of 58.5%.In the future, starting with the global launch of OMODA’s new product series and OMODA 5, Chery Automobile will form a new product matrix with global competitiveness, fully embrace youth and globalization, promote chery brand to the upward trend, and lead Chinese automobile brands into a new stage of rapid development.