Comments on the Starbucks incident in Chongqing

2022-07-31 0 By

The Starbucks incident in Chongqing has been fermenting for several days, and it seems to be getting worse.Here I would like to share some of my personal views.First of all, I’m definitely against Starbucks emotionally.Police uncle busy for most of the day, very not easy to sit down to eat a box lunch.As a Starbucks employee, you didn’t offer hot water, so you just served with enthusiasm. You even made an act of driving away, which is emotionally unacceptable anyway.That’s the emotional part.Let’s talk about this rationally.In fact, the most crucial point to distinguish the nature of this matter is to make clear whether the area in front of Starbucks is a public area or a private area of Starbucks.This point is very key, we all know that a lot of businesses now put their own store door that piece of public area delimited into their private domain.Put some tables and chairs or fence around them, drive away those customers who do not eat in the store, and do not let customers stop or park at the door.They lock the car, puncture a tire, or scratch it if it’s parked outside.This is often reported in the news.If starbucks drove the police away from the public area where the police were dining this time, we would not only condemn Starbucks, because starbucks violated the city management regulations.It is up to the relevant city authorities to punish them.On the other hand, suppose that the area used for police is the private area of Starbucks and is used for consumers to drink coffee.Starbucks should be commended for their hospitality to the police.However, if Starbucks is not willing to give its private area to the police (when there is no official business), the police should give their seats to the consumers, which should also be the professional ethics and standards of the police, and should not interfere with the normal life of residents and the normal operation and production activities of the unit.Now this incident has caused some extreme behavior, some people threw eggs and gave white flowers to Starbucks, and some people rushed into the store Shouting and disrupting the operation of the store.Turns out it was the guys who did the broadcast.Here’s another way to look at it: a couple of regular people eating a lunch box at a table outside a cafe that doesn’t belong to the cafe.The clerk communicated with these ordinary people not to eat here.One of the ordinary people posted the incident online.Then someone went to the coffee shop and threw eggs and sent flowers.The coffee shop was criticized online.And then what do you think about it?Remove Sir And Starbucks.Would the whole thing have gone differently?