“Concern” Guiyang GUI ‘an public primary and secondary school after-school service charging standards announced

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On March 30th,Guiyang city development and reform commission, bureau of guiyang, guiyang city bureau of education bureau of agriculture and rural areas, market supervision and administration of guiyang, guiyang, guizhou economic development district management committee, guizhou new district management committee district finance bureau, guizhou Ann market supervision and administration of eight departments jointly issued “on the guiyang your Ann public primary and middle school compulsory education stageNotice of After-school Service Fee and Related Matters, it is clear that from the spring semester of 2022, after-school service fee of all students in Guiyang GUI ‘an Public compulsory education shall be implemented in accordance with a unified standard.The fee for urban and county schools is 350 yuan per student per semester, while the fee for rural schools is 250 yuan per student per semester.After-school service content should follow the law of education and the law of students’ growth, which is conducive to promoting students’ all-round development. It mainly arranges students’ sports, art, science and technology, outward development training, comprehensive practice, labor education and so on.We will resolutely prevent the use of after-school services disguised as group teaching or “making up lessons”.The after-school service of the school shall strictly follow the unified regulations of the Municipal Bureau of Education to ensure the quality and duration of after-school service.The fee standard for after-school services is 350 YUAN per student per semester for urban and county and town schools, and 250 yuan per student per semester for rural schools.We will do a good job in reducing or exempting fees for students from urban families with financial difficulties and students from rural families.Voluntary Principle After-class service must adhere to the voluntary principle of students’ parents.Whether primary and secondary school students will participate in after-school service shall be voluntarily chosen by students and their parents in accordance with the way of “parents’ application, school review and overall arrangement”. It is strictly prohibited to force students to participate in after-school service in any form or in disguised form.Use of Fee Income After-school service fees for primary and secondary schools in the stage of public compulsory education belong to service charges, not administrative charges.The income from service fees shall be listed by the school according to the actual expenditure, and tax invoices shall be used according to regulations.The after-school service fee is mainly used to pay subsidies for teachers and related personnel involved in after-school service.Seven, information public schools must strictly in accordance with the provisions of the “charge publicity system of education” in recruit students general rules, admission notice, websites, and school pride of place, through the board, GongShiPai, public wall form, such as the contents of service after class, charge items, charging standards, scope, fee basis, approval number, the billing units, such as telephone complaints to report information to the public,Actively accept the supervision of students, parents and society.No fees shall be collected without publicity.The school shall, within one month after the end of each semester, report the development of after-school services, charging items, standards, revenue and expenditure and other information to the education, development and reform, finance and market supervision departments at the same level respectively.Education departments have included the items and standards of after-school service fees into the scope of government information disclosure through the Internet, newspapers, radio and TELEVISION, and have taken the initiative to disclose them to the public.The evaluation of after-school service quality and the survey of parents’ satisfaction shall be made public on a regular basis.It is strictly forbidden to arbitrarily charge fees in the name of after-class services.During the prescribed time for after-school service, the school shall not charge students any fees for after-school service other than those in accordance with this regulation.In accordance with laws and regulations, we shall severely investigate and punish the unauthorized establishment of service charges, excessive charges, expanded scope of charges, pre-charging of after-school service fees across semesters, forcing or forcing students to participate in after-school services in disguised forms, and charging of after-school service fees together with tuition and accommodation fees.Statement: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email, we will deal with it in time.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com