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On February 10th, Yellowstone writer Luo Ri new novel “the steel city” (the second) in our country’s famous large literary magazine “October” published “the steel city” (the second) tells the story of 10 years, from 2008 to 2018, represented by the “new LinGang” seek survival, rush development, gate-crashers celebrated China’s steel market, nirvana reborn tortuous course.The novel focuses on the lives of all living beings through the perspective of scattered points, and describes their struggles and struggles in the current of The Times.October magazine was founded in August 1978. It has won the first, second and third National Periodical Awards, the first and second national One hundred Key Social science journals, and was selected as “Influential Journal of new China in 60 Years”.Yesterday morning, Luo Rixin accepted our reporter exclusive interview, about the city of steel creation experience.He regrets, from August 2008 started writing “the steel city”, published in October 2019 and “the steel city” (the first), and published in February 2022, “the steel city” (the second), the literature trip through zoomed past 14 years, “writing is like driving in a tunnel, open open when you’re in the hole, doubt yourself is the wrong way,The light is just ahead.Luo Rixin, an “unprofessional” technician, was born into a scholarly family. His father, Luo Baoshan, was a reporter, editor and later chief editor of the former Metallurgical Steel Daily, and his mother was a primary school teacher.Under the influence of his parents, Luo rixin was full of desire to explore the various books on the shelves at home.At the age of 18, he went out of school and became a technician in Daye Steel Mill, responsible for the design and drawing of open furnace machine drawings.Workshop in full swing, with a literary dream, his mind is full of jumping words, thinking unconstrained, a class down, with the notebook, often full of stories.When he returned home from work, he would go into his bedroom and write. He would write everything and then submit it to the newspaper. One year, he published more than 20 articles in Yeye Steel Daily.It wasn’t long before he became the center of attention in the workshop.Someone directly pointed out that this is not proper work!These sounds were soon heard by his father, Luo Baoshan.One day, Luo rixin came home from the night shift to find that the draft of the novel he was working on, the Red Age, and other manuscript papers were missing.He quickly asked his mother, the reply is: father a fire burned down!On the desk lay a letter from his father to Luo Rixin.”My father said that he had read my stories about sparrows swimming in the grass of steel mills, about the Yangtze River catching fish by the tail and being carried to the north of the river to eat watermelons, and that you could not write La Traviata without dumas’ experience, and that you could not write the Count of Monte Cristo without having been in prison.”Though nearly 40 years have passed, Luo still remembers the contents of the letter.In the letter, his father taught him that since he had become a technician in a steel mill, he should take responsibility and not be half-hearted.Luo Rixin was so angry that he dropped the bowl at home and went to his colleagues’ home for a few days.”That pain and hate is funny now. It’s like losing a loved one.”He said.”I haven’t written a novel since then.”Since then, he said, he has focused on working and earning money to support his family.In the steel mill, he worked all the way to section chief, market research minister……The steel plant that ignites the inner literature is to Luo Rixin just as the hometown is to you.”I have been away from Lingang for ten years, and every time I dream, I dream of being in Lingang.”We all grew up in Lingang. Lingang is our home.”In “The City of Steel” (Part 2), the protagonist Zhu Dachang and his friend Yu Gang once had a conversation like this.In fact, this is luo Rixin’s inner monologue.No matter how long and far he went, his heart was still in daye Steel Mill on the bank of the Yangtze River.In 1998, Luo rixin left the Daye steel mill and moved to Shanghai, at the end of the Yangtze River.Later, he successively founded a number of enterprises, the work has always been related to “steel”.Turning 60, he laughed that he had only done three things in his life: making steel, selling steel and writing steel.In Daye Steel Mill, he was a technician, the main work is “steelmaking”;After starting his own business, he did international steel trade, the main business is “selling steel”;Now, most of his energy is devoted to the literary creation of Steel City.In August 2008, Rorge xin discussed business in Houston, USA.At that time, the United States of China’s steel anti-dumping, the steel market was treacherous.The development of the country, the prosperity of the nation, the ups and downs of The Times, let Luo Rixin full of emotion.In a foreign land, the scenes of the past come back to luo Rixin, eager to write something, just as he was immersed in his own world decades ago in a corner of the open-hearth workshop of a Daye steel mill.The open hearth workshop fire, as if in front of;The voices of the former workers seemed to echo in my ears.Buried in the heart of the literary fire, suddenly ignited.At that moment, Luo Rixin was determined to write the story of steel.It was at this moment that his hatred for his father’s burning of manuscripts was finally relieved.”My father actually showed me the right path to literature.”Luo Rixin said that the works that really move people’s hearts come from life.Much of what he wrote when he was young was out of touch with reality and unimaginative.Later, with the intervention of my father, I worked hard in the new life channel, which actually started a new journey of feeling life and collecting materials.There are success and failure, joy and sadness, calm and bold myriad weather, but also confusing the eyes of the confusing world of feasible ways and directions.”I hope to record them all so that readers can gain a more meaningful and interesting life experience and enlightenment.”At first, Luo rixin called his upcoming literary work “Waves Rush the Sand”.He called his father to tell him what he thought.This time, my father was very happy. “Write the best you can.”He gave Luo Rixin advice over the phone, which people to depict, what things to tell…Luo rixin was moved: he thought his father had torn up his literary dream when he was young;In fact, his father was telling him that, having been exposed to the currents of life and honed to the minerals of life, the literary reinvention of life was more meaningful than the everyday.Obsession with creation “steel city” on October 17, 2019 by the “October” magazine, hubei province writers association hosted, luo river novels about nissin industry “steel city” (the first) work conference, held in Beijing modern museum, secretary of Chinese Writers Association secretariat, writer hua-dong qiu, critics Bai Ye novel association, China,Liang Hongying, chief editor and critic of Literary and art Daily, and more than 20 critics and writers attended the seminar.Qiu Huadong comments: “Luo Rixin’s Steel City (the first) can be said to be a new harvest of contemporary industrial novel creation from the subject matter, is a standing, weighful novel work.”Steel City (the first novel) is an important achievement in the creation of full-length novels in recent years, especially in the writing of the theme of reform and opening up, reflecting a new breakthrough, showing a new progress,” Bai pointed out.”This is a powerful new writing of modern industry,” says Mr Leung.Zhu Xiuhai, a well-known writer and screenwriter of the TV series Qiao’s Family Courtyard, encouraged him to adapt The novel into a film and television series. “It’s a very warm novel,” he said.The course of creation of no work is smooth.Luo Rixin’s commercial territory involves international trade, oil drilling pipe, instrumentation, real estate and so on.During the day, Law takes care of many business matters.In the evenings, he spent most of his time in front of his desk, talking to himself and the past to create The City of Steel.He was extremely self-disciplined, avoiding alcohol for more than a decade in order to stay perfectly sober at night.He likes to write at night.In his perception, in the dead of night, the people and things he had met would come to the window with the wind and talk to him.Sometimes, too, he dreaded sitting at his desk with his green tea, coffee and computer all ready and suddenly going blank.When he can’t write, he goes out for a walk or a late-night snack.”I used to wander aimlessly around the streets alone at 3 or 4 in the morning.”He told our reporter, a lot of times, while walking, he would occasionally think of something, and hurried home, as if inspiration fell from the sky, such as springs of thought, one breath until dawn.Some tiny details reveal luo rixin’s obsession with creation.Over the past 14 years, Luo rixin’s dark circles have become heavier and heavier, just like “panda eyes”;He has become more adept with his smartphone for one reason: he writes on a computer when it is nearby;When there was no computer, he wrote on his phone;In the middle of a story, he would pause, pull out his phone and start recording…Every past experience is more or less integrated into “Steel City”;Every day now affects the story of City of Steel more or less.Luo Rixin seems to walk into “Linjiang steel factory” again.There is the story of my father, his story, the story of my steel brothers and sisters, and all of these stories come together in a rolling industrial epic.From 18 years old obsessed with writing, to 56 years old published “The City of Steel” (the first), and then to 59 years old published “The City of Steel” (the second), Luo Rixin’s literary journey has gone through 41 years.He divides his 41 years into two parts: the first, between the ages of 18 and 45, is the accumulation of material, like steel in a furnace.The second is between the ages of 45 and 59, between 2008 and 2022, when he focuses on writing and enters the harvest season of his literary career.The first draft of Steel City (Part I) is 350,000 words, and the final version is 230,000 words;”Steel City” (Part 2) has 230,000 words in the first draft and 200,000 words in the final draft.It is as important in writing a story as it is in recording it.In 2017, the first draft of the novel Steel City (the first volume) was completed.In the novel, more than 60 characters appear successively;Each person has a distinct personality and accurate portrait;The characters are interwoven and the plot is tight;Through these different people’s joys and sorrows, “Linjiang Steel plant” experience unforgettable changes, jump on the page.”Steel City” (Part I) recreates a massive state-owned economic activity that took place in China at the end of the last century.In order to express it accurately, Luo rixin has made three revisions to the script, slashing many similar plots and side stories.In order to make “Steel City” (the first part) more “hairy texture of life”, he intentionally retained and added a lot of “Huangshi dialect” expression.Works of Huangshi elements, there are many place names directly choose the real place names of Huangshi, such as: Dongfang Mountain, Haiguan Mountain, Golden Hotel, kiln, kiln, four doors, Huangsiwan, workers’ village, Ma Jia mouth, etc.;Many of the characters in the novel, such as Wu Huizhi, MAO Renyin, Lai Zi, huobao and other workers, also have the shadow of “Huangshi people”.”I spent the longest 20 days revising my draft.”Luo Rixin said.When The October 5 issue of Steel City (Part I) was published in October 2019, The Steel City (Part II) was already in its eighth chapter.Luo Rixin said that after finishing the City of Steel (Part I), he felt that there were still many stories he wanted to tell and many emotions he wanted to express, so he wrote another eight chapters in one breath, laying the foundation for the creation of The City of Steel (Part II).In May 2021, the first draft of Steel City (Part 2) was completed.This time, he also carefully hand-painted a “Linjiang Steel Mill” and the surrounding environment.In the picture, there are more place names and scenic spots familiar to huangshi people.On February 10, 2022, The Huangshi literary circle ushered in a “good start” of the Year of the Tiger: The City of Steel (The second part) created by Luo Rixin was published in the first issue of October · Full-length Novels in 2022, ranking the first.Forty-one years have passed, but Luo rixin’s literary journey is still on the way.When our reporter interviewed him, he was working hard on a novel on an entirely new subject.He told reporters that writing was like swimming in the ocean.When you swim and swim and swim, after a long time, when you look back, you will find that you have swam far, far away.It’s like driving in a tunnel. When you’re driving in a black hole, wondering if you’re going the wrong way, the light is just ahead.”As a writer, I walk to the end of the tunnel until I see the light.””He said firmly.Editor | Ke Qian | Source | Dongchu Evening News | proofreading | Zhong Haitao | audit | Wu Pei | Supervision | Liang Jianyi | Publication | Huangshi Daily | Produced by Rong Media Center of Huangshi Daily | Huangshi Daily