From 10 o ‘clock tomorrow, shenyang station west square entrance closed!The latest situation of liaoning expressway

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On March 25, 10, shenyang station west square it romantic closed on March 24, the reporter learns from shenyang China railway bureau group co., LTD., due to the epidemic prevention and control, since March 25, 2022, 10 when to stop when otherwise notified, shenyang station west square it romantic closed, please passengers through the underground passage to east square station, known to the passengers.As of 14:00 today, the traffic status of Liaoning Expressway network is as follows: Toll station traffic • Shenyang area: (61 stations, 16 stations normal traffic, 45 stations closed) normal traffic:Shenyang station, Taoxian station, Sujiatun South Station, Santaizi West Station, Changqing Street station, Zhangshi West Station, Shenyang West Station, Liaozhong Station, Hongqi Tai Station, Santaizi East Station, Dongling Station, Mojiapu station, Xinmin station, Faku Station, Yiniubaozi Station, Kangping Station.• Dalian area: (52 stations in total, 35 stations are normal traffic, 17 stations are closed) Normal traffic:Dalian bay station, station, Zhou Shuizi airport station, city, Great Wall, three jian fort stand, lushun station, lushun Newport, changxing island stand, XingTun station, city temple station, miles south railway station, officer lee, tigers, taiping bay station, wafangdian stand tuen station, south railway station, north bay station, wafangdian city, Xie Tun SanShiLiBao stop, PuLanDian station, west railway station, station, chestnuts room station of dalian port,Qingduizi station, Wulu station, Zhuanghedong station, Zhuanghe station, Dayzheng station, Huayuankou station, Mingyang station, Buyunshan station, Changling station, Guangming Mountain station, Zhuanghexi Station.• Anshan area: (a total of 16 stations, 7 stations normal traffic, 9 stations closed) Normal traffic: Tai ‘an station, Anshan station, Tanggangzi station, Haicheng Station, Haicheng South station, Bieling station, xiuyan station.• Fushun area: (a total of 18 stations, 8 stations normal traffic, 10 stations closed) Normal traffic: Regaolleyuan station, Fushun East Station, Zhangdang Station, Nanzamu Station, Caoshi Station, Qingyuan Station, Dongzhou Station, Xinbin Station.• Benxi area: (a total of 17 stations, 8 stations normal traffic, 9 stations closed) Normal traffic: Huanren Station, Shiqiaozi station, Benxi North Station, Benxi South Station, Qiaotou Station, Nanfen Station, Beitai Station.• Dandong area: (a total of 23 stations, 10 stations open normally, 13 stations closed) Normal traffic: Kuandian Station, Kuandian South Station, Donggang Station, Dagushan Station, Tongyuanpu Station, Fengcheng Station, Wulongbei Station, Dandong Station, Dandong New District Station, Dandong West Station.• Jinzhou area: (13 stations, 8 stations normal traffic, 5 stations closed) Normal traffic: Guanghui Station, Linghai Station, Jinzhou East Station, Banjita Station, Jinzhou West Station, Qilihe Station, Dashi Station, Beizhen Station.• Yingkou area: (altogether 13 stations, 8 stations normal traffic, 5 stations closed) Normal traffic: Huzhuang station, Yingkou Station, Yingkou South station, Bayuquan station, Xiong Yue East station, Xiong Yue West station, Yingkou North station, Wanfu station.• Fuxin area: (13 stations in total, 3 stations normal traffic, 10 stations closed) Normal traffic: Fuxin station, Qinghemen station, Zhangwu Station.• Liaoyang area: (a total of 11 stations, 3 stations normal traffic, 8 stations closed) normal traffic: Shoushan Station, Liaoyang South Station, Liaoyang North Station.• Panjin area: (7 stations, 4 stations normal traffic, 3 stations closed) Normal traffic: Panjin Station, Panjin South Station, Gaosheng Station, Panjin North Station.• Tieling area: (19 stations in total, 4 stations open normally, 15 stations closed) Normal traffic: Changtu Station, Kaiyuan Station, Xifeng Station, Jinjia Station.• Chaoyang area: (a total of 18 stations, 13 stations normal traffic, 5 stations closed) Normal traffic: Blackwater station, Damiao Station, Chaoyang South Station, Shuangmiao Station, Beipiao Station, Chaoyang North Station, Longcheng Station, Yangshuwan Station, Fengzi Station, Jianping South Station, Lingyuan Station, Beilu Station, Thirty Jiazi East Station.• Huludao area: (a total of 14 stations, 8 stations normal traffic, 6 stations closed) Normal traffic: Nanpiao Station, Huludao Station, Xingcheng Station, Suizhong Station, Qianwei Station, Xingcheng North Station, Yawang Station, Jianchang Station.Tips: Local epidemic prevention and control departments have set up checkpoints at the entrances and exits of some toll stations. For details, please consult local epidemic prevention departments.The highway network is smooth and there is no congestion.G1 Beijing-Harbin Expressway Maojiadian service area, Kaiyuan service area, Changtu service area, Yaobao service area, Xingcheng service area, Suizhong Service area, Linghai service area two-way closed, Wanjia service area shanhaiguan direction closed;G1212 shenji Highway Caoshi service area two-way closed;G15 shenhai expressway Jingquan service area, sanshili fort service area two-way closed;G25 changshen high-speed Fuxin service area, Kangping service area, Kangping north service area two-way closure;G4513 nai Ying Expressway Beizhen service area two-way closed;S14 Liao-Kai Expressway Xifeng service area two-way closed;S2 Shenkang Expressway Shengsheng service area is closed in both directions.1. In case of snow in winter, we are always ready to ensure fast passage.139 operation groups, 2,807 snow removal personnel, 1,652 sets of snow removal machinery, and 16,000 tons of snow melting materials are all in a state of war, with the heart of unity and unity for the majority of friends to escort the highway.2. In order to improve the road service level, the company invests 71 sets of joint inspection vehicles and a team of 213 people every day to carry out a comprehensive inspection of expressways across the province, timely detect, report and temporarily deal with abnormal events, and provide services for vehicles and drivers in need of help.3. In order to carry out quick rescue for vehicles with faults on expressways, the company has set up 12 autonomous rescue service teams in Shenyang, Jinzhou, Panjin and Shenfu, with 136 personnel and 47 rescue vehicles painted with the words “Liaoning Expressway”, to provide safe, standardized and efficient vehicle rescue services for passers-by.4. In addition to cash and ETC cards, mobile payment methods such as bank card, cloud flash payment, wechat, Alipay and High-speed pass payment code are also supported at the exit of expressways in our province to facilitate your quick passage.5. Through practical and effective measures such as setting up green channels, priority detection and timely rescue, the company has made every effort to ensure the passage of key vehicles transporting coal, natural gas and epidemic prevention and control materials.6. For detailed road conditions, please pay attention to liaoning High-speed Express APP, wechat public account, wechat mini program, Weibo, Douyin, wechat Video account, Toutiao, Ximalaya and other new media.7. Please pay attention to all kinds of traffic prompt information issued by variable information signs along the expressway.8. For consultation service, please dial 024-96199 and we will provide service 24 hours a day.Source: Fingertip Shenyang, Liaoning high-speed pass