Leaning on xuan window to see the moon, the lamp before the old things, a few sighs tears double hang

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Want to know more wonderful content, come to pay attention to Zheng Huixian sinology art wang Xing sparse, leaning on xuan window to see the moon moves alone, before the lamp nostalgia, a few sighs tears double down.Night without sleep, firecrackers in the old year, thousands of people do not sleep, push the window full moon look forward to reunion.Crickets come in the autumn, the light on the plantains in the night, sitting alone in the west window, thinking of you.Sleepless in the middle of the night and see the moon hazy, before the lamp to write the noise disturbs dreams.The bright moon illuminates solitary shadow, do not sleep cloak lamp faint person is lonely, hear dog bark suddenly two or three.Appendix night weiyang, a month such as frost, tonight do not sleep west window recall hometown.Firecrackers in the year order more, celebrating shengping, window containing Xiling Dongwu do not sleep city.Run tian Chou, into the xiaolou, the most is a year oblique hanging jade curtain hook.Willow oblique hanging small bridge, Jiangnan green manchuan, the wind to send flowers cry broken water day.Look for bosom friend, a piece of cloud before the window, last night the wind blows the flower to fall, silent moisten things meet you again.Rili wind and laughter full universe, a slanting spring with the earth.Hut night sound rain, no wind in autumn, a spring thing west window candlestick red.Oblique night vast, autumn years long, wind in the voice of tears into line.Baihui fragrance, small pond, in the sound of wind and sunshine busy farming.The rain is over the wind and growing long, warbler yan Yan Liu Silyang, a round of slanting spring hill do dye frost.Runwu busy, Rili long, peach li Baichun early, a wisp of incense hanging branches.Oblique hanging willow tip head, spring to autumn to several degrees of sorrow, the wind roll residual red voice tears empty flow.Spring in the misty rain in the south of the Yangtze River, willow skew hanging small bridge east, the wind blows water ripples, flowers fall silent red.Wind blowing small courtyard east, frog sound a day slanting riverside, weaver cowherd spring dream.In my dream, peach blossoms fall to shake the wind, where to find fragrant grass, a red diagonal hanging horizon.Purple flower spring in full bloom, jade hook oblique month hazy, the wind blowing catkin with water, midnight frogs sound in a dream.Willow oblique bi Luo skirt, swallow return spring has been deep, the wind sent peach blossom crowed broke a cloud.When will the winter rest, oblique silver hook wind flowers fall, silent drizzle provoking sorrow.For a while, the wild goose word silent xiaolou, shutong branch last month, spring still shine on the autumn.Full west building, the wind blows a few degrees of sorrow, Mo Daochun to find no place, the sunset oblique hanging willow head.Hill hill a wipe xia, swallows build a new home, the wind blows in the sound of apricot blossoms.Spring to the south of the small bridge, the wind and the sun in the sound of another year.Rain any drift, silent grass from the green, where the oblique sky according to spring Ming.Autumn sound to the blue sea, the wind with twilight into the sky, all the year round branches red.Send far away, send fragrance, scanty branches sway the window dream also crazy.The night is late, two friends, a wisp of fragrant heart into a small poem.Sparse vegetation, moonlight was at the beginning, a wisp of fragrance to the wind, to send her heart.Fragrance into dreamland, dark heart xu for who busy, the window sparse branches light if frost moonlight.Heart dark Xu Qinghui far, fragrant dream, thin shadow under the oblique moon fee suspect.Sparse rain breeze runwuhua, sitting in front of the window to enjoy new tea, a wisp of fragrant heart send sea ya.Do not contend for spring, a heart at ease, the window flower lane shadow, sparse branches lengrui laugh at the world of mortals.Heart a little drunk east wind, dark send fragrance into a dream, shuying cross spring, the window moonlight is hazy.Sitting alone in front of the window on light night decayed, fragrance a ray of heart send jade plate.A wisp of flowers, to the heart of the past before the window, according to the stars without sleep.A little crazy for who, fragrance into a small poem, shuying cross moon two friends.According to the plum blossom, cross reflected sunset, a wisp of fragrance where to go, heart dark xu in the horizon.The autumn wind is bleak and the willow branches are thin, the window is far away, a wisp of fragrance to send have not yet.Into the emerald, dark heart xu dream, moonlight as clear as water, thin shadow oblique with snow fly.A heart to the sun, dark fragrance into your bosom, thin branches cold core window with shadow.Sitting alone before the window hazy star shadow sparse, a ray of fragrance dark xu sentient feelings without.Midnight, provoke acacia, fragrance a wisp of heart sent with who.A wisp around chai Men, the heart send jade basin, under the window swaying poetry soul.A piece of send spring breeze, dark send fragrance cross qingzhao, the window moonlight is hazy.Drizzle run such as crisp, night dongfeng green gradually sparse, a few wisps of fragrance to send have no.The autumn wind is bleak and liusi is thin, alone by the window looking far away, a wisp of fragrance where to find, dark heart xu has not yet.Deep dream, dark xu lovers, the moon knows your meaning, light shadow scanty branches with my Yin.A piece of heart to the evening, dark send fragrance into the village, shuying who answer, the window moonlight the most enchanted.Clear sky flying egrets, a line of wild geese fell flat sand, two love if three people taste tea.Huguang mountain shadow leisure sorrow their injuries, wild goose word line wanli shuiyun long.The moon two look at each other, to the shadow three line home, home letter wanli send.Horizontal empty word line, thousands of miles to send cool, the setting sun oblique drift liangbin frost.Wanli sky moon like hook, a line of wild goose word to write qingqiu, two love if the west wind thin shadow stay.Shadow self pity, two sleepless, a line of wild goose word yuntian north look.The end of the world two heartless, lonely lamp with the moon, distant send a line of thousands of miles to the border city.Between the clouds and water, thousands of miles do gorgeous, the setting sun slanted on the solitary sail shadow, the autumn wind on both sides sent me also.Wanli autumn wind wild geese array across the sky, two love if three drunk dream.Sangeng thin shadow lamp falls, cool breeze moonlight, wild goose word line thousands of miles long journey.Green water two boundless, tianguang is my home, wild goose word line thousands of miles of yellow flowers.Fly clear water, reflecting rosy clouds, sunset sing evening two tianya.Autumn wind thousands of miles to send cool, wild goose word line home, two acacia flower shadow on the east wall.Peach blossom shadow, return two do not know, the most is a line of acacia tears, with your wanli send love poems.Confrontation baiyun open, shuiying tianguang eye, wild goose word line thousands of miles sweep dust.A row of wild geese to the clouds, thousands of miles of the Yangtze River into the sea, sunset xishan sail shadow, breeze moon two leisurely swim.Wan Li sends setting sun, wild goose word a line of acacia infinite hate, the moon moves the shadow on the east wall.Curtain hook, two acacia several degrees in autumn, a line of sky far, xiangguan wanli dream middle.Cool breeze moon two leisurely swim, cloud shadow tianguang water, wild goose word line south to far, Guanshan Wanli north to worry.A line of wild goose word to write dusk, wanli sky no clouds, qiushuaiyue in a dream.The Great Wall lock Yuguan, a line of yan Jinfen into memory, when the moon according to the shadow also.People have not yet, acacia two tears trickling down one’s cheeks, wild goose words fly south, wanli yuntian north.Two phase and three people leaning on the column, wild goose word a line of sky far, Guanshan Wanli dream soul pull.Cattle and sheep in the distance a line of words, wild geese, no guess laughing frequency under the shadow of the setting sun.The sky line horizontal, two acacia thin shadow total feelings.There are strange words in the sky, a cloud in the wind, and the bright moon shines on the skirt.The wind light autumn meaning thick, who said that frost wins bonus, beautiful scenery sunset unlimited feeling.No shame, have fame, Hugh old to high wind feeling.The frost cold, through nine days, the golden wind to send shuang Huanhuan words bumper harvest.Whether or not, jiangtian a gust of wind, clear water flow elegant rhyme, and see the gull heron dance in the sky.Snow monthly fee meditation, words do not speculate on the intention, a song qing Song Ma tears touch jin.Qing zun to the month has this ancient, the world several degrees of autumn, thousands of words yulu do not know sorrow.Leisure and see with the cloud to go, clear gas must also take the month, a wisp of incense wind language sent Yaotai.Untold, wind, flowers, snow and moon always close feeling, a song tianya far, and see the rising sun today.The wind blowing leaves jiangnan, to send acacia nowhere to say, tears flow, and see the moon as jun also.Long name has been the first person today, thousands of words snow moon total pull soul.Now another year, clear frost cold month leaves with water, to send acacia dare not speak.Witticism, song to move the world, mo qingyin poetry garden flowers red.– Zheng Huixian # 100 # 100 List #