Miriam Lee, who suffers from an immune disorder, says she is frustrated that she can’t work

2022-07-31 0 By

Miriam Lee has been missing for a while since the end of last year, she said on Social media Tuesday, citing a serious illness.Wearing a mask and intubated in her right arm, she said: “You may have noticed that I didn’t work in September or October last year because I was sick.”She said she visited many doctors in January and February this year and was lucky to have an ophthalmologist examine her carefully. She said, I found out that I had an immune system problem.My immune system attacks my eyes, so I have a lot of problems with my eyes and can’t work, which is frustrating for a girl, especially an artist.”For the drama “Golden Night Building 2” is about to be broadcast, she helplessly said that because of the rare people as far as possible, can not cooperate with the publicity, can only cooperate through online publicity, she said that everyone can interact with her through social platform messages, and wish everyone physical and mental health.