Naw Kham, the mastermind of the Mekong River massacre, smiles at bailiffs before being executed by lethal injection. His last words are thought-provoking

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Drugs are hated by many countries in the world, because taking drugs can not only destroy people’s mind, but even destroy their families.And drug trafficking criminal gangs are more arrogant, they ignore the value of life, treat people like dirt, they can for their own interests, regardless of the murder of others.The occurrence of the Mekong river tragedy shocked the world, the main culprit Naw Kom led his criminal gang, brutally killed the innocent sailors on two merchant ships of the motherland, no one survived.Naw Kham has a strong sense of anti-investigation, and the Chinese task force once went to the site of the incident to investigate, but naw Kham and his gang buried the facts.In the end, it paid off. Our country’s task force found evidence from the clues, and this super drug kingpin was finally arrested.When he was sentenced to death, he smiled at the bailiff and left a thought-provoking last word.Naw Kham was born in 1969 in Myanmar. His family also made a living selling drugs. He followed his parents around the world as a child and saw how lucrative drugs could be.He had served in the MTA in his early years, learning Burmese and Thai, which facilitated his subsequent drug trafficking in Myanmar.Then, in 1991, Naw Kham joined the biggest local drug Lord, Khun Sa, and got into the drug business.Determined and ruthless, Naw Kham has built a reputation in the cartel by never leaving his enemies alone. Many in the cartel are impressed by naw Kham’s style.When Khun Sa surrendered to the Burmese army in 1996, Naw Kham followed suit, but he didn’t really surrender, he just wanted to use the opportunity to bribe senior Burmese officials to open up the country to drug trafficking.Myanmar’s top officials, greedy for money, turned a blind eye to Naw Kham’s actions.Naw Kham assembled his former khun Sa group and formed the “Naw Kham Group”.He led his own criminal group, active in Thailand, Laos, Myanmar border.He made and sold drugs in the borders of three countries, and his business grew bigger and bigger. He became the biggest drug Lord in the Golden Triangle. He was very arrogant and finally alarmed many countries.A concerted effort to wipe out the cartels was successful, seizing drugs and manufacturing tools, but Naw Kham managed to escape.Naw Kham, who escaped, led the rest of his army to the Mekong river, began collecting fees from merchant ships that crossed the river, and continued his drug business, killing innocent people.They also often kidnap the children of nearby tribes in exchange for large sums of money, amassing wealth.However, naw Kham had never been in trouble with China’s merchant ships before, but because of the interest, Naw Kham’s heart was not satisfied with the current situation, he wanted to expand his business, and finally started to attack China’s merchant ships.Since 2008, Naw Kham began to target China’s merchant ships. Naw Kham Group brutally killed 16 merchant sailors and seriously injured 6 people.Naw Kham grew emboldened, and on October 5, 2011, two Chinese merchant ships, the Hua Ping and Yu Xing 8, were attacked by naw Kham as they passed through the Mekong River, killing 13 people on board.When the two were found, there was no sign of their crew, only large quantities of crystal meth and guns.Finally, after many efforts, the remains of the crew of the two merchant ships were found in Thailand. When they were found, their bodies were not beaten, but tied up and restricted from moving. Thai media claimed that: Our merchant ships were preparing for drug trafficking in Thailand, and were found and killed by the Thai military.This is the Mekong massacre, but there is a lot of doubt about it, as if it was a premeditated murder.Rumours began to swirl, with each of the three countries in the Golden Triangle making their own claims, but the efforts of the Chinese police eventually identified Naw Kham as the target.When naw Kham Group of Mekong River was finally arrested, China quickly set up a task force led by Liu Yuejin.However, the Korean police cannot make public arrests in other countries, and naw Kham’s network is so complicated that the task force does not know who is involved.The task force quietly nabbed a Naw Kham member, turned him, and eventually, after a long period of blackmail and cajoling, the member told the rest of the group about their connections.When the task force knew the details of its members, it made a swift arrest. Naw Kham’s “strategist” Eli was the first to be caught, and when he was arrested, he gave up all the reasons for the Mekong disaster.It turned out that the Yuxing 8 and the Warping never paid protection money whenever they passed naw Kham’s territory on the Mekong river.This made Naw Kham very unhappy, so he asked the captains of the two ships to deliver a message, but the captains of the two ships did not buy it.So Naw Kham retaliated against them, which led to the Mekong massacre.After this incident, Naw Kham immediately contacted the Thai military and designed the illusion of a gunfight between the Thai military and the Chinese merchant ship, and the drugs on board were planted by Naw Kham’s order.In April 2012, The Chinese police knew in advance that Naw Kham and others were going to Laos from Myanmar, and the task force deployed personnel in advance to arrest naw Kham, who was eventually arrested.Members of Naw Kham’s gang also wanted a ransom for his release, and three other countries found reasons to keep him for questioning.The Korean police, however, insisted on giving justice to the victims and handing them over to a Chinese court for trial.Naw Kham was eventually handed over to the Chinese police.The police questioned him several times, but Naw Kham often found excuses to avoid questioning, and his criminal facts were already established. In the face of solid evidence, he finally bowed his head and confessed to the crime.In an interview with the dong-A Ilbo, he said, I hope my children will study hard and not become criminals like me.The only thing I worry about is my children.”Naw Kham was executed by lethal injection, smiling meaningfully at the bailiff before his execution.Perhaps in that moment, he knew the mistake he had made, and a generation of drug lords had ended.Summary: Naw Kham has done a lot of evil in his life. He did evil things for the sake of profit, which brought misfortune to many families. He also let drugs flood the Golden Triangle, and finally brought his evil life to an end.This is also thanks to the tireless efforts of the Chinese police, who have made great efforts to safeguard the sovereignty of our people and the justice of our country.Chinese police are also telling the world that Chinese laws are not to be trampled on, and those who violate the Chinese people will be punished.