Ruichang Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Affairs: standardize the development of rice and shrimp comprehensive planting and breeding, help spring ploughing preparation production

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In recent days, walking into the distribution of rice and shrimp comprehensive planting base, you can see the busy production scene: one side of the mechanic hand holding the operating rod, operating the excavator ridge and ditch, accelerate the standardization of the comprehensive planting and breeding field;While the operator fiddles with the handle, the drone flies back and forth in the air, feeding accurately;As workers busily unload a box of young shrimps from a transport truck into the water.This year, our city focuses on building and creating a state-level modern agricultural industrial park with aquaculture as the leading industry. Combining with the superior industrial policies and the reality of Ruichang, the development of crayfish industry has become a key work of our city’s aquaculture industry.Through high-level promotion, continuous innovation of operation mechanism, strengthening project support, increasing technical support and capital investment and other measures and means, the city’s low-lying fields, cold pulp fields, waterlogged fields, lotus fields and other suitable for fishing paddy resources, to achieve a comprehensive rice and shrimp planting and cultivation pattern of “point, piece, zone” development and utilization pattern, and the main operators and forms are diverse.At present, the city has developed the comprehensive planting and breeding area of rice and shrimp, lotus shrimp model about 15,000 mu, and focus on the integrated promotion of wuhuan ditch rice and shrimp comprehensive planting and breeding technology application.Has completed about 10,000 mu of non-circular ditch rice shrimp comprehensive planting and breeding mode facilities, at the same time, the breeding owners have increased capital and seed investment, the city has completed a total of more than 200,000 kg of shrimp seedlings, for the city’s annual growth of crayfish production laid a solid foundation.In particular, the application of the technology mode of comprehensive planting and breeding of rice and shrimp without ring ditch can not only effectively improve the yield of crayfish, but also improve the quality of grain while ensuring the normal grain production of the plot, which also has a great role in promoting the grain production of the whole city.Next, the city on the basis of growing crawfish farming scale, further promote crawfish quality brand creation, crayfish deep processing and marketing platform construction, the formation of the first, second and tertiary industry chain complete crayfish industry system, the province poyang lake crayfish industry cluster construction and stable food production play a positive role.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: