The “Thirteen Incense” iPhone 13 has been The best-selling smartphone in China for six consecutive weeks

2022-07-31 0 By

Counterpoint Research recently released its latest data report.According to the report, the iPhone 13 series has been the top seller in China for six consecutive weeks, far outselling its competitors.The iPhone 13 accounted for 51 percent, the iPhone 13 Pro Max for 23 percent, the iPhone 13 Pro for 21 percent, and the iPhone 13 Mini for just 5 percent.Although Apple was briefly overtaken by Chinese handset maker Vivo, it regained the top spot in December.Counterpoint Research cited the relatively low price at the launch of the iPhone 13 series in China, a new video module, a long-absent high-screen display in the Pro version, 5G capabilities and chip enhancements as factors that boosted sales.Meanwhile, Huawei, Apple’s main rival in the high-end market, is also losing market share to Apple due to some irresistible factors, which is one reason Why Apple has been the best-selling smartphone in China for six weeks in a row, Counterpoint said.While the iPhone 13 experience is still tight, it hasn’t stopped the iPhone 13 series from selling well.In the final analysis, a large part of the reason is not because iPhone is powerful or good, but because most people are accustomed to the iOS ecosystem and operation mode, clean ecosystem is the main reason to attract a large number of consumers, but also the reason why the strong configuration of Android can not shake the sales status of iPhone.