The most persevering amateur debt collector

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Neighbors in April with the security is male and female friends to divorce the security borrowed 60 thousand dollars, later because the security of the new love to throw old love is the neighbor’s luggage, was mistaken 10 thousand, this is after the small police processing neighbor wrote 40 thousand IOUS.The agreement is half a year, the results have already passed half a year security that finished the thing also don’t come out, the final security mother.The security mother came to one is to wait on the month, two is to find a neighbor to account.She couldn’t find her neighbors, and there was nothing she could do.By mid-January the gym man was gone, and the neighbor had no room to stay and had to go back to her cottage.Whenever I see a security guard, mom’s a pestering old goblin, speechless to the neighbors.Just one open hand in hand, that is a quarrel of urgent head white face, one elder brother argues hard a dead pig is not afraid of boiling water hot, you tell, I have no money namely.The little police also had a headache, twice a day to declare him, a noisy, a little old lady began, a noise is too big to affect the neighbors baby rest…Anyway is a not quiet, small police also helpless, can not handle, the old lady you go to the court?No, old lady. Is court that fast?My daughter-in-law is about to give birth, go to the hospital still have no money?What about the neighbors? I owe you, but I can’t pay you back. Give me some time.It became a tug of war. One admitted that he had no money, and the other waited for money to have children.So toss about for two days small police also do not go, go to also run in vain, every day wheel fart, no new tricks.Just when the neighbor thought the security mother lost, the security mother also quiet a day and high morale.She lived and ate with her neighbors. She went wherever her neighbors went. She was so scared that she dared not go home.If you cook, I’ll eat. If you don’t cook, I’ll prepare something for you. If you go out, I’ll take a taxi.That’s what she says when the neighbors call the cops. She owes me money, and I’m either going to live with her.To make things even funnier, the neighbor went shopping, picked it up, paid for it, picked it up, gave her son a call, and took it home.From account inside mouth, carry small notebook, take how much buckle how much, do not take you cheap, when buckle finished when end.The security mother also followed the neighbors to Lao Zhang’s company, the neighbors had no choice but to find Lao Guang, meaning to go to her home to hide.Lao Guang ignored her. He’s got a new girlfriend.Don’t let live also line, lend her some money, driven by the old lady desperate, with two days in a row, buy what take what, she did not eat.I ordered some takeout and the old lady grabbed it.Neighbors heart a horizontal, at home lying on the bed playing mobile phone to sleep, the old lady is not too buried, to the ground a lie also directly sleep.That what warm, and wear a down jacket, not cold.For three days, the neighbor was forced to helplessness, because the fourth day was cheated together to buy a house friends also look for her.The phone micro letter can not make a result, two friends also come to block people, the neighbor that also didn’t recruit ah, she is also a victim, the money she also didn’t recruit ah.Even if there was a confession, she shouldn’t have paid for it, which brings up the fight again.The little policeman was placed an order by a VIP customer again, this time the little policeman was able to deal with something finally, and helped the neighbor persuade two friends to go home.How ah, just advised to go in the morning, afternoon came again, with the security old lady a routine, security old lady to call.The neighbors went crazy. There was no room for an adult to walk in a 17-square-meter house.Quarrel up again, buy a house to be cheated this matter two friends look for the neighbor is not reasonable, she justly scolding the police.The small police is really annoyed, with those two friends said again so unreasonable shut up.Two friends dejected to withdraw, the New Year’s imprisonment is not appropriate.Two friends are sent, the security guard mother that old lady can not send ah, people want accounts.I don’t steal you, I don’t rob you, I don’t eat you, I don’t drink you.Small police a brain lawsuit walked again.There was so much going on at the end of the year on a cold day, and these two alone were depressing him.In the afternoon of the fourth day, the neighbor couldn’t stand it. She couldn’t do anything during the Spring Festival. She had to make money, but the old lady of the security guard mother followed and affected her performance.So he went to boss Zhou to borrow money and repay his debts.Just open your mouth and borrow $40,000. How dare you open your mouth.Zhou boss did not pull her, the door did not let in, because the neighbor on the phone to borrow, all kinds of crying poor all kinds of poor, said she caught a cold, even rice did not have to eat also did not have money to go to the hospital.Is Boss Zhou still in charge of her?All three of them are at home with the flu.40 grand? 4 might have felt sorry for her, but 40 grand didn’t answer.Say no.Neighbors at the door do not walk, said how can not, your home New Year to go out to play a trip is 30,000 or 40,000 yuan, I have heard aunt (old princess) said, you will go out to travel during the New Year.Boss Zhou: No, I won’t.Neighbors will grind and haw, let her come out to see, she was the security mother stare at dead, go step by step, let zhou boss finally help her once.You don’t leave the door, you talk, the whole corridor is not peaceful.May also be flu empty, she sat toward the door, leaning on boss Zhou’s door, keep up with downstairs neighbors are startled.Zhou boss urgent eyes, to her aunt called, a good scold neighbors.Close aunt directly called the neighbor close dad, on the phone to the neighbor close dad and neighbors scolded together.Let neighbor close father tell his daughter, far point from her niece, fart point relations have no relatives, big New Year’s day to die to live depend on my niece door stem what?Die somewhere else. Don’t dirty my niece’s house. That’s a horrible thing to say.The neighbor’s father knows how her daughter is. She doesn’t answer her phone.Didn’t recruit to call boss zhou, inside open speaker, across the door by the father scolded.Scold also don’t go, say have no action, in the hand have no money, be stared at by the ass of an old lady what also can’t do, have no money to pay the bill.Her father told her to go back to her hometown, but she said she couldn’t go back and be watched.Dad didn’t say anything. Whatever.Finally, the property was cleared for neighbors.Evening close father is not assured after all, call boss week again, ask her to ask after all how to return a responsibility.Close aunt no matter, zhou boss is too lazy to tube, or old M to see the don over and over again to call, do not have the heart to pick up.The don said he had made a deal with his neighbor to return 20,000 yuan first and let her go home to date, and 20,000 yuan after the year.Father to take 16,000, called boss zhou, father does not believe in neighbors, meaning let boss zhou they give security mom, to a receipt back.Or old M endured a cold and went out to deal with it.The security mom took the $20,000 and gave the receipt to continue to ask for money, but not so dead stare, not a little relaxed, the neighbor took the opportunity to slip back.She didn’t even take care of her son, so her family called the police and left evidence and returned home.A custody battle is expected to begin later this year.On the blind date, my aunt talked to Boss Zhou every day, and every day the neighbor finished scolding.Sometimes THINK, stepmother is really no good.Of course, do not deny the line of stepmother ha, but how much true white pull, if the mother can not so bury their daughter.