Us stocks: sudden change of plate, nasdaq dive down 0.58%, A shares Tuesday forward trend

2022-07-31 0 By

On Monday, the three major U.S. stock indexes showed different intraday performances, but all appeared diving at the end of the day, the overall shock closed down. Among them, the Dow Jones Industrial Average showed a strong intraday performance, down as low as 0.2%, once rose to 0.67%, and ended the day at yesterday’s close, flat.The Nasdaq index rose in early trading, with Meta dragging the NASDAQ lower. In late trading, it plunged 0.58%, while the S&P closed down 0.37%, with financials up 0.3%, energy up 1.3%, and communications down 2.2%.The three major U.S. stock indexes further digest the impact of inflation brought by interest rate hikes, generally in a high shock situation, facing the choice of direction.On the news front, investors continued to digest last week’s non-farm data and await a slew of earnings reports and key inflation data this week.Economic data on Tuesday include the ISM manufacturing index and a report on job openings and labor turnover.Analysts say that the recent decline is a normal market adjustment and does not mean a recession or the end of the bull market.With solid economic growth and corporate earnings this year, the Fed won’t be too aggressive in tapering monetary policy.The Fed is widely expected to raise interest rates at least four times this year and possibly as many as five times this year.However, since the beginning of January, sudden Fed policy changes, high inflation and geopolitical risks have hurt the index, but then investors bought bargains after the market fell, and the market showed signs of stabilization and recovery.The three major U.S. stock indexes, after falling from their highs into correction territory, are showing signs of weakness in their rebound, with technology stocks still the biggest uncertainty of the moment.Three major European indexes closed higher overnight, with Germany’s DAX30 up 0.76 percent, France’s CAC 40 up 0.83 percent and Britain’s ftse 100 up 0.73 percent.The FTSE China A 50 closed 0.18 per cent higher.Back to a-share: three index on Monday welcomed the year of the tiger, and stocks rose pattern, but deep refers to the chart and the gem index in opened higher in early trading slightly higher, with the Shanghai composite index in the financial sector stability in contrast, deep dish in Shanghai is strong weak, two index did not form A resonance, shows that the market still exist certain differences.The next stage may enter the bottom building stage, the shock may increase, the bottom building stage is not easy to do, in the current shock downward there is no sign of stabilization, the right pace is more important.Shanghai Stock Index is expected to have a high process on Tuesday, if you can close the two Yang, will increase the possibility of building a periodic bottom.In general, there is uncertainty in the peripheral market, high volatility increases the risk of changing the plate, A shares in the downward trend, bottoming signs are still to be observed, see more and move less.