Crime continues to soar in New York As 12-year-old boy is shot dead in his car. No suspects have been arrested

2022-08-01 0 By

A 12-year-old boy who was eating in a car was shot dead and a 19-year-old woman who was with him was wounded in a shooting in New York City on March 31, local time.At present, the investigation progress is limited, still no suspects arrested.On April 4, Card’s mother appealed for witnesses to come forward with information.And behind the incident is the crime rate in New York and other big cities has skyrocketed.Syzet LEWIN, MOTHER of 12-YEAR-OLD SHOT DEAD KHADR: I’m asking now to move forward, please, please, somebody has information, I’m asking for justice for Khadr, I’m asking for justice, please.On the same day, New York City officials also acknowledged the serious problem of gun violence in the United States.Eric Adams, MAYOR of New York: We have too many guns on our streets, too many people using them to hurt innocent people.Crime in New York City has continued to rise sharply this year, with shootings, robberies, stabbings and assaults on police officers.On March 27, for example, there were at least five murders in New York City alone, up from two in the same period last year, and 12 shooting victims, up from five in the same period last year, the Associated Press reported.