Dafiyundai: Regulatory authorities will crack down on trust-breaking behaviors in 2022, and the probability of being executed will greatly increase

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LaoLai, it is for a group of people, they don’t try their best to debt also, depending on the prestige to nothing, in the past net credit platform with regulators lenient to them, multi-purpose warning urging them to reimbursement, try to avoid using legal means in order to avoid a record, affect life in the future, but they do not know to repentance, still malicious defaulted,So in recent years, the regulatory authorities have continuously strengthened the crackdown to clear up the social atmosphere.Recently, for example, the Ningdu County People’s Court in Jiangxi province sentenced the defendant, Zeng Musen, to one year and two months in prison for refusing to carry out the verdict.Malicious transfer of property to avoid enforcement is illegal. The executor borrowed the house as collateral, but after the case entered the enforcement stage, he sold the house to his relatives at a low price and did not repay the creditors with the proceeds.The court heard that the defendant Zeng Mou Sen ignored the provisions of national laws, refused to perform the obligations determined by the effective judgment documents of the court in accordance with the specified period of time, and refused to execute because he was capable of executing. If the circumstances are serious, his behavior constitutes the crime of refusing to execute the judgment and ruling.Although the defendant ceng sen has surrendered the plot, the law can be lighter or reduced punishment.If the circumstances are serious, even if in May was sentenced comprehensive but in this case the criminal facts, nature, circumstances and social harm degree, and the performance of the defendant expressed remorse, ningdu county people’s court refuses to execute the judgment or written order to sentenced the defendant Zeng Mou prison two months of the year, waiting for his will is cold inside.This case tells us that in the past, many old lairds were so arrogant because they were not punished severely enough in the past, and now the good days of old lairds have come to an end under the atmosphere of cracking down on old lairds and evading debts.Reach feiyundai: severely crack down on lairai group, maintain social fairness and justice lairai malicious arrears not return behavior has a great impact on borrowers, under the leadership of the regulatory authorities, reach feiyundai and other platforms began to strike lairai together.Besides have been working in promoting credit access, also by more than 300 effective litigation channel, covering nearly 30 provinces and municipalities and autonomous regions over the courts and the law of agency in v. the receivable, borrow of feiyun also in joint regulators and other power to fight, now LaoLai information submitted, where gold association enforcement staff in continuous list published on a regular basis.Besides da feiyun loans, in order to cooperate with regulators to crack down on LaoLai thunder, each big institutions have also been action, is to promote the healthy development of financial markets, has the penalties for “LaoLai” also rose across the board, believe that the more social forces to join the fight LaoLai battle, will give a punch “LaoLai”.The copyright of the content and pictures are authorized by The editorial Department of Gonggong Daily by Dafei Yundai Technology (Beijing) Co., LTD.Gonggong Daily statement: this article is reproduced for the purpose of passing on more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: admin@Gongqq.com