Do knowledge realization, might as well these three farmers blogger grounding gas play

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Why do you stop at knowledge realization when others can do it better?If you are not confident, have no ideas, or encounter difficulties, you might as well learn from some farmers.If you open any short video platform, you will find that “knowledge payment”, which has been popular among urban people for several years, is gradually spreading to the urban and rural classes.Over the past six months, a large number of rural knowledge anchors have emerged on short video platforms such as Kuaishou and Douyin by opening classes to teach people skills, such as raising chickens and sheep, growing corn and grapes, making snacks and repairing computers.In many short video platforms for entertainment, entertainment and even “judging ugliness”, it is just like a “clean stream”.Most of these anchor’s number is not high, tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands, but all is engaged in agricultural production, agricultural cultivation industry experienced a new type of farmers, they take advantage of new information dissemination means and platforms, are putting their mastery of the pigs, ducks, kind of sweet potatoes, potatoes, these seemingly insignificant share out technical skills, spread out,Under the stimulation of many factors such as reward habit and thirst for knowledge, many fans have been attracted to watch, and some fans have become loyal and paid students of these anchors.Through the phone’s screen, the new farmers in the field, in the fields, under the grape trellis, in vegetable greenhouses, straight air interaction, anytime and anywhere between the host and the fans, it is easy to form a strong trust relationship with each other, some fans for all their recognition of bloggers, they send to anchor pennants, fruits, tables and chairs, to send a gift,He even choked up and thanked the anchor for giving him a new life.Many fans came from thousands of miles away to learn farming and catering skills from the host.Some young people working in the Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta and other places, after watching the courses and live broadcasts of these anchors, choose to go back to their hometowns to start their own businesses and start breeding farms.Online classes cater to urban and rural users’ thirst for knowledge and skills, who either lack access to professional skills in real life or are scared off by the high tuition fees of training institutions.If you are doing knowledge realization, might as well seriously study these new farmers play, these down-to-earth knowledge realization way, may help you find the sense of knowledge realization faster.I am Haige, knowledge realization coach, personal brand operation consultant.Engaged in knowledge realization consulting for 10 years, has helped 3000+ people realize knowledge realization, is committed to helping ordinary people to turn a knowledge, skills, experience and interests or expertise into a profitable career.Guanzhu public number, soon receive free e-books, learn more knowledge to realize dry goods.