Don’t shoot a cheap video, even if you’re hungry!

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Yesterday a friend of mine quit his job. He is also a video producer. To put it more politely, it is called film and television creation.He said the two companies gave him the most common feeling is quick, immediate cash.But he said there is the content of the quality, the creation is fast may not, this is his exact words, but he hold a heart to shoot video, but every company let him take a short video, you don’t care about the picture, no sound, don’t care about the light, don’t care about acting, even don’t care about the rhythm of, just as long as the ability to quickly produce someone thumb up, let him very pain.What kind of films can we shoot?It seems to be mainly divided into two categories, one is to build brand image publicity.One is the advertisement that introduces a product.So short videos are basically the second category which is advertising.Like me, many of my peers who have a little movie plot would prefer to devote their energy to creating stories, short films, micro films or promotional films.But if you look at today’s ads, there are few companies hiring directors, cameramen, editors, directors, and so on.And the job description will write the creation of the video.To put it bluntly, every household wants a share of Douyin, and wants to bring goods and sell their products through Douyin.In my opinion, these two types of video are positioned differently as short videos, which are for improving conversion, for selling, and for making money.But arranged short story, or brand promotional video, its purpose is to build the image of the brand.Branding itself costs money.Cinema-loving people may be more or less resistant to short, vertical videos, which range in size from 4:3 to 16:9, or even 2:4 to 1.The motion range of the camera is now 16, and the actors, lights, art and music together make for a textured work of art film, while the short video almost ignores all that.The bar must be so low that anyone can change lanes, anyone can be a photographer, anyone can be an editor.If you look at short videos nowadays, one after another is meaningless, and the content is very homogenized.The aesthetic and entertainment of the masses is here, so more and more of this kind of content is spawned.I’m not saying Douyin isn’t good. Douyin can bring people joy, of course it is, but it has also kidnapped almost all video creators.Fortunately, my current job allows me to shoot the things I want to shoot, but I also have to constantly find ways to improve and learn to improve myself.Because I am 25 this year, and the younger brother and sister from the training are chasing us in batches.If you have been living on your laurels, no progress is regressive.Then again, creators value the artist of the work.The company values the commercial value of its work, which is true of both, and it’s not just in film.I remember many years ago, I read a newspaper interview about a female singer who was singing Divine comedy. The reporter asked: Why do you always sing Divine comedy?”I also want to sing the music I like and write, but only by singing the Divine Comedy can more people listen to it, so THAT I can make money, and then I can make the music I like,” he said.Many video makers are the same. Even if they don’t like short videos, they are willing to shoot short videos first to make a living and make money, and then shoot what they like.However, the danger of doing this is that people are likely to lose their aesthetic appreciation of art and passion for creation when immersed in the environment of short videos for a long time.My ex-friend sent me an article titled don’t shoot bad videos and deliver food no matter how hungry you are.The author tells the story of how his movie dream hit a wall and he had to start looking for a job.In the end, he chose to deliver food instead of making short videos.Shenzhen high-end animation production company – Shenzhen Silver Valley Digital Media Co., LTD animation company animation production 3D animation wechat: yinxigu