Dyka Ultraman toy peripheral intelligence summary, Otter D flash sword can summon monsters

2022-08-01 0 By

Yesterday we also said some wear card ultraman toys linked orders, today also have a fan released detailed information about the toys order, we together and see it in the first place is the OTT D flashing swords, its overall color is silver reed color, behind my hand shank, insert the card into the groove of unilateral pull at the back of the handle inside,When the crystal is unfolded, pull the trigger on the handle to transform.Total can read more than 500 kinds of sound, while carrying full color LED, through the Otter dimension card to transform into Ultraman, also can summon monsters through the monster dimension card.Then there’s the Alter dimensional card, which has a bar code on the top and bottom left corner.The cards attached to the DX monomer set are shiny and strong.Receive a case of the CARDS have m klaas, wu YingDaM and akira dimensional card suit 01 content has: rose, zeta native, beria, the severn, Sophia sarwar, Sophia elder brother mora dimensional card suit 02 content: wear the card type miracle, jie DE original, Russell fire, water bloom jump, Thai, moss methylene dimensional card suit 03 content include:Terica sky, Terica power, Obu primordial, Gargura, Sophia Megagea 2nd form, Sophia Sphere Official Card Collection This card is attached to: Infinite Sero, Diabolical Beria, brilliant Sero.SHF toys may come with limited dimension cards.Then it is its exclusive weapon OTT double holy sword, which is a sword weapon composed of golden blade and red handle. It can be switched into “Deka mode” and “Telika mode” respectively, supporting the linkage of two props: OTT dimension card and victory super secret key.The blade can be read by swiping multiple cards (Sound example: Miklas and Akira and Uindam DUAL!The MONSTER SCRUM!)– In Decca mode, the handle part can be triggered by inserting the Victory super secret key — Teligar mode.