Failure to introduce foreign aid?National security two consecutive scandal foreign aid refuted rumors will stay team this year is still slow to introduce aid

2022-08-01 0 By

On February 8, the national security from Beijing to kunming, training opens up a new season, however, at the same time, the national security of the foreign aid introduction is still relatively slow, according to the plan, the national security might introduce 3-4 foreign aid this year, but for now, had previously been coming from foreign aid this year, seems to have bigger of the two variables.Back in January, south Korean media reported that Beijing Guoan were ready to sign South Korean international player Jiang Xiangyou, and negotiations between the two sides were close to signing. Posco officials said on January 24:”We have recently received an official offer from Guoan and all the details have been harmonized and it is really only the decision of the player and the final signature.And guoan’s offer, but also more than the same competitor Jeonbuk Hyundai, according to that time, Kang Xiangyou joined guoan is a large probability of things.Jiang Xiangyou department job full-back and winger, can play around two road, is a versatile wide, Jiang Xiangyou since his debut, he served in posco iron man, in the middle is the state of martial military service gradually began to perform better, in 20 years, he dedicated seven goals in martial and five assists, and effectiveness of posco last season, scored four goals eight assists,It is this outstanding performance, Jiang also began to enter the national team, also won guoan’s favor., however, it is a downturn in recent, according to understand the national security for introducing Jiang Xiangyou is not much interest, to switch to the same target is South Korea international li emperor, emperor li remember department job left-back, previously worked for samsung bluewings, after 洪喆 leave, li emperor as the team’s first-choice left-back, basic attendance at last year’s league, and scored five goals,With five assists, Lee was selected to the National team by Coach Bento and played in the World Cup qualifiers.After Li Lei left the team, Guoan also just need such a left – footed left-back.”The recent rumours about Lee Ki-dee’s transfer to Suwon Are not true,” suwon Samsung said in an official statement. “The club has not received an official offer from Kwon And has not been involved in any transfer negotiations. Lee Ki-dee will continue to play for Suwon Samsung.”Meanwhile, POSCO also announced the squad list for this year’s new season, and Kang sang-woo’s name was also on the list. He is wearing the number 10, and it seems that he will stay in Posco this season. If he leaves, his number and name will not be on the list.So far, at least, there have been no confirmed signings or solid results, apart from Anderson Silva, who stayed with the club last year.At present, the team has reassembled and started training, which is one of the early training teams in the Chinese Super League this season. However, in addition to Zhang Chengdong, the team seems to have no clear direction. At present, the team may also aim at other targets, but it is unknown at present.