Give full play to tax advantages to help the development of food industry

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The food industry is a pillar industry of guangxi asean economic and technological development zone, the state administration of taxation in guangxi china-asean economic and technological development zone tax give full play to the function advantage, silver tax by promoting interaction, to carry out the tax credit policy, to speed up the export tax rebate, efforts to create a good business tax environment, promote food industry to glow the new vitality.Silver enterprises “credit account” interactive activation tax bureau give full play to the functions of taxation, the use of tax credit grade evaluation results, in view of tax credit grade evaluation for grade A, B, M, “silver tax interaction” activate enterprise development activities, help enterprise tax credit can be converted to “money”, effectively alleviate the financing difficulties, financing your problem.Nanning Shangying Food Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of preserved fruit. Its products are mainly exported to Japan. Due to the impact of COVID-19, its exports have been greatly reduced and its products have been sold in the domestic market.Tax staff learned this situation, immediately organized door-to-door to understand the enterprise’s production and operation and tax situation, found that the enterprise’s tax credit rating is 3 even A, in line with the conditions for silver tax loan, under the guidance of tax staff help, the enterprise successfully obtained the bank?A loan of 800,000 yuan.”After the formalities were done, only an hour later, the money arrived in the account.”Xu Weijun, the general manager of the company, said happily, “Tax credit is really A good” golden card “. This time we really feel the benefits of tax credit. In the future, we will pay more attention to tax according to law and strive for four consecutive A’s and five consecutive A’s.””Tax benefits” give strength to natural juice more “fresh and sweet” nowadays, it is the time when a large number of mandarin oranges are listed, but also the production season of juice processing enterprises.In Guangxi Bingke Food Co., LTD., the factory is busy with fruit selection, cleaning, processing, filling, labeling…The workers are busy on the production line.Luo Wenbin, general manager of Guangxi Bingke Food Co., Ltd. proudly said, “Our annual output is more than 2,000 tons, and our products are sold all over the country, and our annual sales can reach more than 40 million yuan.”According to the introduction, the company mainly engaged in mango, passion fruit, dragon fruit, litchi, kumquat, lemon and other tropical fruit juice deep processing, development and sales of natural frozen fruit juice and NFC juice, favored by the majority of consumers.In recent years, the enterprise has been growing and expanding.However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, enterprises are facing many difficulties in production and sales.”The tax delay is a timely relief for our financial pressure.”Guangxi bingke food Co., Ltd. financial officer Qin Fengli said.In the tax grid service visit, the bureau learned that the enterprise after this difficulty, immediately arranged the tax service expert team to take the initiative to docking, “one to one” precise help, help enterprises to delay the payment of various taxes and fees 182,000 yuan, for the enterprise’s capital turnover, expansion and efficiency play a positive role.”Capital means development potential, tax delay policy has given us more space to move, thanks to the country’s good policy!””Tan Fengli said.”Since 2021, the company has enjoyed a total of 1.93 million yuan of export tax rebates, which can be handled online and generally received on the same day.”Guangxi Nanning Anning food Co., LTD. Financial director Wang Miaojuan said.It is understood that Guangxi Nanning Aoning Food Co., Ltd. is a food processing industry export enterprise, mainly engaged in processing and production of preserved meat series products, products are exported to Hong Kong, Macao and overseas areas.Due to the impact of COVID-19, shipping schedules have been reduced, the execution time of external export orders has been longer, and the capital turnover pressure of enterprises has increased sharply.In order to help enterprises to alleviate the pressure of the money, the agency by optimizing the internal management processes, strengthen responsibility, creating “by the judge, the judge namely, namely run out” mode of speed drawback, launched “the acceleration rate” “capacity lack for services such as power export tax rebates, basic implementation order, 1 working day can help enterprises to stable, steady market, steady supply chain.”Export tax rebate processing speed to let the funds’ living water ‘quick return, let us’ go out’ more steady pace, more confidence.”Wang Miaojuan said happily.(Chen Zilin, Qu Min) This article is from China Economic Network