Liuyang River is playing in the streets of France, and netizens call the mix of Chinese and Western “amazing”.

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On the occasion of the Spring Festival in the Year of the Tiger, The Xinhua News Agency invited French pianist Richard Kleidman and Chinese “guzheng girl” Peng Jingxuan to perform the beautiful Chinese folk song “Liuyang River” through the “Cloud” ensemble, presenting a traditional Chinese music gift for the netizens at home and abroad.After the video was broadcast on Social media platforms such as Weibo, Douyin,, Twitter and Facebook, it was quickly viewed and forwarded by the Chinese Embassy in France and other accounts.The combination of Chinese and Western Musical Instruments, zither and piano, creates a romantic encounter of Chinese styles that resonates with audiences both at home and abroad.After the video went online, many overseas netizens praised peng Jingxuan and Clayderman’s “Cloud” ensemble, calling their chinese-Western mash-up “amazing”.Some netizens commented that Clayderman and Peng jingxuan used music to bring Chinese and Western cultures together and build a bridge of china-Europe friendship by playing melodious melodies together.French students from the Confucius Institute for Business in Europe were full of praise after watching the video, saying that the duo’s ensemble was beautiful and fascinating.”It’s an interesting musical dialogue.”Talking about the “Cloud” ensemble, the main creators Peng Jingxuan and Clayderman are very happy, and agree that this is a special “dialogue” between guzheng and piano, Chinese music and western music.For Clayderman, the differences between Chinese and Western musical styles “inspired me to find a way to combine them through the wonderful instrument of the piano”.”The melodious melody and The Chinese style, the surrounding streetscape and the western architecture create a beautiful contrast and a romantic encounter,” said Peng Jingxuan, who is committed to bringing Traditional Chinese music into line with the world.She hopes to “use guzheng as a bridge to let more French people know and understand our instruments”.When the guzheng meets the piano, the elegance of the music adds a bit of melodious, and the melody of the zheng adds more ups and downs.Peng Jingxuan and Clayderman painted a beautiful landscape of China with their own unique musical styles, and offered the audience the most sincere wishes for the New Year with interesting musical dialogues and romantic encounters with Chinese customs.Source: Xinhua International Headline