Man caught driving drunk on highway for 3rd time

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February 12 at 20 o ‘clock in the evening, Weihai high-speed traffic police detachment shuangdao public security checkpoint police in the smoke wei high-speed shuangdao toll station routine duty, in the inspection of Lu KQ2*** small car, the police on duty required the driver Li mou show driving documents, Li mou said, did not take a driving license, the police asked Li mou to get off for inspection.In the police with Li into the process of the public security checkpoint, Li suddenly turned around in an attempt to escape the inspection, the police will immediately control Li, bring it back to the checkpoint for inspection.In the process, the police smell li mou body has a breath of alcohol, drunk driving suspicion.Lee admitted that he drank at night.Li was suspected of drunk driving after an alcohol breath test of 24mg/100ml.Police further investigation found that Li in 2017 and 2019 were respectively for drunk driving, drunk driving weihai traffic police investigated, driving license has been revoked!And the vehicle that Li mou drives still has not according to the regulation examine, did not according to the regulation insure third party compulsory insurance and so on illegal behavior.Li said he drank some beer in the evening and drove to Wendeng on business. He also knew that his driving license had been revoked in 2019.Li mou driving a motor vehicle after drinking again, according to the law will face a fine, 10 days of administrative detention punishment;If Li drives a motor vehicle during the period when his driving license is revoked, he will be fined and detained for up to 15 days.Li mou driving motor vehicle did not according to the provisions of the examination, according to the law will face a fine, driving license 3 points;Failure to insure compulsory third party insurance shall be punished by penalty according to law.Like star me edit | | publicizes great review Zhou Tianen safe driving, civilized travel weihai high-speed traffic police wish you bon voyage!Beijing, April 1 (Xinhua) — Weihai Expressway traffic police have released 69 measures to reform the public security traffic management system since April 1.This lu K car, weiqing high speed reverse, 12 points!One second to adjust the navigation of the next second rear-end car!Traffic police rush to weihai’s rescue after a boy’s leg breaks down during Spring Festival Travel rushGun king weihai high – speed traffic police wins group personal achievements!Latest highway conditions, illegal cases, safe driving knowledge……Are all here