Man that goddess hotel room, with loudspeaker confession was taken away, net friend: love

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Love, is a matter of two people, if it is one-sided love, can only be regarded as unrequited love, only two feelings mutually pleasing is true love, strong twist melon is not sweet, not to quench thirst!Sometimes also may backfire if you love a person do not, the other is not your girlfriend, you have no right to interfere in the lives of others, no matter how others life, others how to make friends, is somebody else’s freedom, at that time, if too much intervention, could backfire, sometimes, even has no face very much to like a person will hasten to say it out,Don’t come to an emergency and tell them, it may already be too late!Shanwei, Guangdong province, Feb 25.When a man learned that his favorite woman was in a hotel room with another man, he ran to the street downstairs of the hotel and used the loudspeaker to express his love: “XXX I like you.”This behavior is very bold, but always feel a little late, if early action, you may still have a chance, now the somebody else all to date, do it a little too good Women should also don’t want to be like this, do that but she didn’t also way, after all is an acquaintance, when he heard a man’s profession, down to persuade men don’t do it, the result was the man embrace,She said, “I like you, let me be my girlfriend.” She broke free and called police.The man was taken away from the scene by police.The net friend feels, this man unrequited love!Is really a wonderful work has year after year, this year the most special, the man told the goddess has well with others, only to think of it, this is not the day lily is cool, what did you get up to early, man must grasp the good time, this time not destroy the good of others Their favorite people had love affairs with others in a hotel, just want to express, this in hindsight,How can be understanding, the most important is, bother other people’s good, this time, netizens also know this woman presumed, let human intolerable Men do, have failed, and women’s final report to the police, means that the woman for the man of practice very antipathy, let alone fall in love, maybe even friends can’t do,Slow, after all, this man, do not consider the consequences, the most important is, he let the woman humiliation, all know the woman in the town, not just one person do things on impulse man do such way is very impulse, have a chance, do not cherish the opportunity, when others uncooked rice to cook mature rice, just think of oneself also didn’t eat, this is not your consider not attentive,?Will not arrange their own life, how let girlfriend rest assured, most women will choose such boyfriend someone said, the man is too poor, it is the goddess of love, but I didn’t think his profession late step, people have been living together with the goddess, this is the result of the reaction is slow, sometimes, no matter whether the goddess, as long as you like,Really should do in the first place, not miss feelings this thing, if you are not at the beginning, don’t be afraid of failure, the goddess is also a person, have feelings, now that we are adults, have the demand, so, don’t feel unattainable goddess, dare not to vindicate, sometimes, the more beautiful girl, the less people pursuit, because the timid too many suitors,Did not dare to do, so the first expression is often more successful love this kind of let people yearning, and the things that make people sad, really sweet sweet, bitter is really bitter, in short, whether it be, or lose, the best is used to have, if you never had, then don’t be afraid, bold, in the end, don’t be beat her,But strong twist melon is not sweet, there is no grass in the world, the goddess does not care about you, why are you so persistent?Want to know more exciting content, come to pay attention to hot media column records