Nantong, Jiangsu province: 1,718 vice-presidents of the rule of law took up their duties in the new semester

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On the afternoon of February 22, a special lecture on environmental protection law was held in Nantong Experimental Middle School, Jiangsu province, by Ji Chao, vice president of the Law School and lawyer of Jiangsu Qixing Law Firm.In the first lesson of “Rule of law”, students listened carefully and took notes to fully understand the significance of environmental protection.The vice principal of the Law Department gave a “case-by-case interpretation of the law” teaching form, so that the junior middle school students have a deeper understanding of the concept of “clear water and green mountains are gold and silver mountains, protecting the ecological environment is to protect productivity, improving the ecological environment is to develop productivity”.This has also become an epitome of nantong, Jiangsu province, to gather educational synergy, improve the management of the deputy principal of the rule of law, promote the deep integration of the rule of law and education, and improve the support system for the youth rule of law education.Nantong takes the lead in promoting the education of rule of law in schools. On April 28, 2021, The Education Bureau of Nantong city, together with the Intermediate People’s Court of Nantong City and six other units, issued the Administrative Measures for Deputy Principals of Rule of Law in Primary and Secondary Schools of Nantong City (Trial) and standardized implementation immediately.In the new semester of 2022, 555 primary and secondary schools in the city will be equipped with deputy principals for legal affairs, including one judge, one prosecutor and one police officer for each school. The city will also allocate an additional deputy principal for legal affairs for each school according to work needs, forming an organizational structure of “one school with four principals”, and the city will have 1,718 deputy principals for legal affairs in total.In order to ensure the quality of education, all vice principals of the rule of law will take up their duties after passing the training.Nantong also strengthened curriculum construction, summarized typical cases of youth legal education, collected 100 legal education courseware in the first batch, and established a shared database of legal education courseware for deputy principal of the city.The vice principal measures for the administration of rule of law in nantong, primary and secondary schools (try out) “the implementation of cooperative education provides the organization guarantee for the home school club, since last September, nantong four experimental middle school vice principal under the rule of law has been bullying, youth rights in marriage and family disputes, fraud,” labor contract law “and the theme” environmental protection law “and so on teaching, teachers and students benefit a lot.Shen Mingming, the principal of the school, believes that the effective implementation of the vice principal system of the rule of law can improve students’ concept of the rule of law, educate and guide teenagers to learn, understand, abide by and use the law, enhance students’ ability to distinguish right from wrong and protect themselves, protect themselves, escort teenagers’ growth road.At the same time, it also plays a positive role in helping safe campus construction, preventing and reducing juvenile delinquency and maintaining social harmony and stability.He suggested further enriching the teaching form of the vice president of the rule of law, allowing students to learn and experience in real situations through case analysis, situational simulation and actual visits, so that the education of the rule of law can be deeply rooted in their hearts and minds.(China Education News – China Education News Reporter Miao Zhicong correspondent Liu Weifeng