Spring go grassroots | jinghong police continued to carry out the first inventory management of public security

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In order to ensure the city’s public security situation during the Spring Festival of 2022 in a steady, eliminate all kinds of potential safety hazard, ensure that the people of peace, peace to spend holiday, for days, jinghong city public security bureau in combination with the characteristics of public security and epidemic situation of the beginning of the end control requirements, in accordance with the big inventory of jinghong city public security bureau risks “big screen rectification work plan,We will carry out a comprehensive review and rectification of public order before the Holiday.First, we intensified efforts to identify and resolve conflicts and disputes.Community police in all police stations actively cooperate with relevant departments and grassroots organizations to conduct in-depth investigation of potential instability risks in various industries and fields, effectively find out the existing conflicts and disputes and potential instability risks within the jurisdiction, and strive to resolve the budding problems that may affect social stability at the grassroots level, solve them locally and eliminate them in the bud.Second, carry out a major inspection of civil explosion safety.Combination of jinghong city people’s government public security department issued the notification regarding the scene flood city ban fireworks “, to actively fireworks point-of-sale, great site to carry out the inspection, strictly implement the fireworks controls, and jurisdiction according to the division of duties of public security organs to carry out dangerous chemicals, fireworks, explosive goods and other dangerous goods safety checks.It focuses on the daily supervision of the transport flow and purchase channels of dangerous chemicals, fireworks, civil explosives and other dangerous goods. It requires the responsible persons of all enterprises to earnestly implement the main responsibility of the safety management of civil explosives and earnestly strengthen the safety management of the storage and transportation of civil explosives.Third, we will comprehensively strengthen street patrol and prevention and control.Strengthen key areas, key areas, key units patrol guard and security work, safeguard the overall situation of public security for stability, each station combined with districts materialize jurisdiction power and how to carry out comprehensive security key parts of complex and guard against weak, places of public complex, crowded places the patrol work, intensify social patrol density and scrutiny,We will increase the detection rate and effectively deter all kinds of illegal and criminal activities.Four is to increase the industry before the festival safety inspection.The police station for hotels retraining, and promoting public security management knowledge, request jurisdiction hotel hotel real-name registration check-in staff information, to intensify the efforts controlled knives sell real-name registration, scattered refueling personnel to carry out the gas station to bring containers real-name registration control efforts, at the same time, the key to strengthen the management of district special trade,The hotel industry, dance and entertainment places, games and entertainment places, bath and massage places, Internet service places, teahouses, bars and other places to carry out a carpet investigation, to further rectify the public security order of industry places, comprehensive specification of special industry business behavior.Adhere to crackdown on yellow, gambling, drugs and other illegal and criminal normalized work mechanism, further investigations to check, blow investigated and special efforts in the whole section crackdown on yellow, gambling, poison and other illegal and criminal, focused to investigate and punish illegal operation of industry, the industry places no registration, registration and safe hidden trouble, according to the facts violations issued rectification notice, supervise and urge the rectification within a time limit.Fifth, we took active steps to address prominent public order problems.Combined with the current continuous focus on the key areas of the renovation work closely around the public security chaos, key areas, urban villages in the hotel industry, rental housing, entertainment venues, shops and densely populated areas of the investigation and registration of permanent residents and floating population, a comprehensive grasp of the bottom number, strengthen rental housing, floating population inventory.During this period, the public security department invested 876 police officers (times) and mobilized 475 social forces (times);178 labor units, 653 rental houses (1 subject to administrative punishment) and 540 industrial sites (2 subject to administrative punishment) were investigated.11,014 people were involved in the inspection.Supervise audit | | her king Yu Liwu eu edit | | season he xu text