The happiest thing for parents is to help their children turn their dreams into reality. Do you agree or disagree?Why is that?

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A person’s understanding is phased, the understanding of life is also a stage, the goal of effort is also a stage.For example, when a person is young, he may eat well and play well.Go to school, can get the teacher’s praise, have good grades in the exam, can test a good school;Adult, have a happy family, have a good work unit, career achievements;Retired, oneself have a good health, children happiness, children and grandchildren around the knee and so on.For families with children, it is not only the happiest thing for parents to help their children turn their dreams into reality, but also the most successful.I have a neighbor, we all call him Zhang Gong, who is very respected here. First, he has a successful career and is a senior engineer in the Petroleum Research Institute. The research team led by him has helped the oil field overcome many technical problems and found the oil field.More importantly, he has a son and a daughter who both went to good universities, the daughter to Renmin University of China and the son to Tsinghua University.Zhang worker’s living expenses are simple, do not smoke do not drink, work and life are very clear, working time is work, off work time is life.Time off work is to accompany children, children when small to accompany play, children when big to accompany study.He played with his children and studied with their children and other parents are not the same, now it seems to be very reasonable.Like his child when I was a child, in the evening with children swimming, running, playing basketball, table tennis, badminton, have a plenty of teach yourself, have a plenty of good coaches please teach, on the weekends with the children ride, grade four or five children from the residence ride to the foot of tianshan mountain, the longest up to 110 km, the shortest also have 30 km,When I don’t ride, I take the car to the foot of the mountain to climb Tianshan mountain. During the summer vacation, I travel deeply with my children. My two children graduated from junior middle school, and they have basically visited most of the famous mountains and great rivers of the motherland, even Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan.Now think about it, he did so have a lot of benefits, one is to exercise the body, the second is to let the child have good physical quality;Second, cultivate children’s interest in nature;Three is to increase the knowledge;Four is to know the direction of their efforts.Kids in high school, such as these activities decreased, he mainly do two things, one is the high school to know all his title, the title of two young children will not have to explain in person, and how much he bad, can help to their two children in all subjects, but also more than two children, to solve the problem to let children extremely admire;And according to the child’s interest, the key university information, teacher information, laboratory data, subject to a child, for children, let children choose their own university, choose their own professional, children gradually, based on each exam results and target, adjust their university finally all exam smoothly into his ideal university and professional.When his children went to college, he studied excellent universities and majors abroad, which was also provided to his two children. These two children were finally admitted to the world’s famous universities by smooth public expense.Now graduated to two well-known domestic technology enterprises work, the annual salary is millions.Now Zhang Gong has retired. He runs in the morning and takes a walk at noon and evening. He is in good spirits.The old couple live in Hami in winter because the house is heated.Spring and autumn in Shenzhen son live there, summer in Suzhou girl live there, life is very happy!He went out to dinner with his friends, who were all invited him to the main table, and everyone was looking at him with adoring eyes.Therefore, the happiest thing for parents is to help their children turn their dreams into reality, and it is the greatest happiness and greatest skill for their children to become successful.