Weinan city mass culture and art training school epidemic prevention and control emergency notice

2022-08-01 0 By

All teachers and students: Recently, the epidemic situation in China has been multiple, widespread and frequent, and local clusters of epidemic cases have appeared in many places.The number of confirmed cases in Xi ‘an, Baoji and Hanzhong has continued to increase, making the epidemic prevention and control situation very grim.In order to further prevent and control the epidemic, the relevant information is hereby notified as follows:1, since March 1, have traveled to xi ‘an, baoji, hanzhong and other high-risk areas of personnel, from now on for nucleic acid testing as soon as possible, since March 14, to teachers and students travel code display of xi ‘an, baoji, hanzhong and other high-risk areas in the record, must hold nucleic acid testing report 48 hours before school, no nucleic acid report prohibited from entering.2, from the date of notice, all teachers and students do not have to leave Weiwei, not to go to high-risk areas and xi ‘an, Baoji, Hanzhong and other places in the province.3. All teachers who have special reasons to go to the above areas are required to report to the school and return to Weiwei with valid nucleic acid certificates within 24 hours.All teachers and students are requested to attach great importance to and earnestly implement the relevant requirements. Those who violate the requirements of epidemic prevention and control and cause serious consequences will be held responsible according to regulations.Weinan Mass Culture and Art Training School March 14, 2022 Source: Weinan City Culture and Art Center