Yunnan: 5G+ enables new infrastructure

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Funing County Yunnan Shenhuo Aluminum 5G edge cloud wisdom factory machine roaring.In the past, workers had to read meters manually every 20 to 30 minutes amid extremely high noise. Now, automatic meter reading can be realized instantly through machine vision, greatly improving the working environment.Based on yunnan Mobile’s “5G+ Edge Cloud Smart Factory” application project, “Smart Gene” also helps Yunnan Shenhuo Aluminum to achieve energy saving, consumption reduction and quality improvement.After the 5G big data furnace condition analysis system was put into operation, the factory optimized management, which reduced the dc power consumption by about 100 degrees per ton of aluminum and saved electricity by about 90 million degrees per year.The leakage analysis system of 5G electrolytic cell solves the problem that the temperature of cathode steel rod in electrolytic cell is difficult to monitor on line.The 5G crane remote control system improves the working environment of the crane operator, and the efficiency of single vehicle increases by 60%.The intelligent analysis system of hot metal temperature of 5G intermediate frequency furnace has realized real-time online detection of hot metal temperature, and the qualification rate of anode assembly has increased by more than 15%.This is a benchmark case of “5G+ Industrial Internet” to help enterprises reduce costs and increase efficiency. Behind the scene of intelligent production is the new trend of integrated development of digital economy and real economy.In recent years, with the in-depth implementation of the industrial Internet innovation and development strategy in Yunnan Province, the construction of “5G+ Industrial Internet” press the acceleration button, and a variety of application scenarios continue to expand. Remote equipment control, on-site assisted operation, product quality testing and other typical scenarios have achieved obvious results.At present, 35,000 5G base stations have been built in our province, 5,788 telecom universal service pilot 4G network projects have been opened, the 4G network covers 100% of administrative villages, 24,000 narrowband Iot base stations and 42 data centers have been built, 13 China-Laos and China-Myanmar cross-border transmission optical cables have been built, and the international transmission bandwidth has reached 1.03T…The rapid improvement of infrastructure has promoted local economic development and sustained breakthroughs in industrial technological innovation.In Diqing Pulang Copper Mine, sensor technology was used to transform equipment, and real-time data and cloud connectivity was realized through 5G Internet of Things. After yunnan Mobile 5G was applied to unmanned LHD, the equipment replaced workers in production operation, thus solving the hidden danger of blasting before and after mining.At present, all the equipment of Pulang Copper Mine has realized 5G intelligent control, which speeds up the seamless connection of production process. The overall work efficiency has increased by 64%, and the number of mine employees has decreased from 3,000 in traditional mines to about 700.In Yuxi Xinxing iron and steel Plant, the use of Yunnan Telecom 5G technology to drive unmanned operation, remote control, so that the staff away from noise, dust, high temperature, steam, improve the working environment, production efficiency increased by 62.5%.”In 2021, the province’s ‘5G+ Industrial Internet’ project achieved good results. The 5G edge cloud non-ferrous metal smart factory application project cooperated by Yunnan Mobile and Yunnan Shenhuo Aluminum won the national Gold medal in the benchmarking competition of the fourth Blooming Cup 5G Application Contest;The 5G digital twin transparent factory project created by Yunnan Telecom and Yuxi Xinxing Steel Works won the first place of 5G Innovation application in Yunnan Province, and was selected as one of the top ten application cases in the 2021 WORLD 5G Conference, and subsequently won the BEST Technology Innovation Application Award of ICT China Innovation Award 2021.”Introduction of yunnan Provincial Bureau of Communications and Management.In addition, our province telecom enterprises to actively with the domestic production, cooperation between colleges and more than 20 national intellectual property authorized patents, has formed 5 g, cloud computing and other aspects of the independent research and development products nearly 10, in the cloudy management, Internet of things common platform, large medical data exchange platform in the areas of application for more than six independent research and development products.In addition to the integration of 5G and industry, logistics, environmental protection and other industries have also benefited from the promotion and integration of information technology.Taking the warehousing and logistics industry as an example, Yunnan Unicom and Yunnan Tengjin Logistics jointly created a 5G smart logistics project, and selected a normal temperature warehouse of 12,000 square meters in Tengjun International Land Port to build a 5G+AGV smart warehouse business platform.Technically, the mode of 5G independent private network is adopted to construct 5G private network base station and dedicated core network elements, so as to achieve seamless coverage in the reservoir area, ultra-low delay of AGV response, uninterrupted production scheduling and no business data leaving the park, and ensure the efficiency and safety of goods transportation, sorting and distribution in the reservoir area.Aiming at the characteristics of smart warehouse business, the two sides jointly customized and developed 5G+AGV platform, and used Unicom Yanfei 5G module in AGV robot for the first time to ensure business stability and safety through strict control of product indicators.In addition to creating the first 5G intelligent warehouse in Yunnan Province, the significance of the project lies in the innovation of 5G industry application business model. After the project is put into operation, the two sides will carry out business cooperation for 5 years. This kind of medium – and long-term deep business cooperation model really realizes the implementation of 5G innovation in the actual production activities of enterprises.In order to introduce advanced information technology into the field of biodiversity conservation, the nest box observation system jointly built by Yunnan Mobile and Kunming Institute of Zoology, Chinese Academy of Sciences has built a variety of solutions according to local conditions, forming a colorful “5G+” application scenario.”Based on the construction of 5G network, we have installed nearly 100 panoramic cameras in Gaoligong Mountain, and combined with the positioning monitoring platform that can be used on mobile phones and computers, it can collect information on the growth and life of animals and plants in a comprehensive way.”Related person in charge of Yunnan Mobile introduced that the intensive deployment of monitoring equipment covers three important areas, namely Baihualing experimental Zone, Qinghuahai Wetland Park and Gaogongshan Nature Park, extending the observation scale beyond human reach.The 5G network sends back images, videos, location and other data in real time all year round, and the observation time changes from point to continuous line, greatly enhancing the effectiveness of research.The accelerated integration of digital technology with industries such as healthcare has also played an important role in responding to situations such as the COVID-19 pandemic.Yunnan Unicom’s integrated intelligent epidemic prevention platform not only monitors the body temperature at the entrance and exit, but also integrates health code identification and verification, mask wearing, identity identification and other verification means, which greatly improves the inspection efficiency and allows the inspected personnel to pass the inspection quickly.With the launch of the smart epidemic prevention platform, the entire inspection process takes only three seconds, with zero contact, effectively solving problems such as slow registration of personnel, difficulty in two-code verification and low efficiency of passage.”5 g + mobile network application platform” pre-hospital emergency system, emergency center in yunnan province through 5 g pre-hospital hospital integration equipment connection platform, can according to the patients and hospital patients with expertise, distance, will determine the service of the hospital, not really patient that information to the first, on the hospital, to squeeze the emergency time from 15 minutes to 11 minutes,To achieve the province’s pre-hospital emergency command dispatch a chess game.At present, cases of digital technology empowering all walks of life are still being written in Yunnan.The province’s communication industry is continuously making efforts to “new infrastructure”, jointly promoting the infrastructure demand for the integration of digital economy and real economy, seizing the frontier position of digital economy, and providing the foundation for the development of Yunnan’s digital economy.(Reporter Li Chenghan) Statement: This article is reproduced for the purpose of conveying more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: