Blow up 10 tanks in the first battle, shiji company more than 3 praise, break the siege does not fully represent the 180 division

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Speaking of division 180, the first word that comes to people’s mind is “break out”.From the south bank to the north bank of the Han River, from Seonghwangdang to Mount Jiguan, Mount Gadeok to Yeongbong and Shichang-ri, the 180th Division fought to break out of the siege.However, the 180th division did not just break out of the siege, they also fought very well.On the night of 17 May 1951, the 3rd Battalion of the 538th regiment encountered a tank company of the 1st Marine Division and destroyed all ten tanks.In a rare move, the command of the regiment, army and division sent a telegram directly to the 538 regiment headquarters to ask about their experience in fighting tanks and praise them.After the second phase of the fifth campaign began, the 180th Division became the first echelon of the 60th Army, among which the third battalion of the 538th regiment was the vanguard of the division.Pang Kechang, the regiment commander, asked Du Gang, the deputy chief of staff, to lead the regiment, and assigned the second platoon of the recoilless gun company (equipped with 57 mm recoilless guns) to the third battalion.Compared with the volunteers who entered the Korean war earlier, no matter it was the 3rd corps or the 19th Corps, the weapons and equipment had been greatly improved.In terms of light arms, both regiments underwent a uniform rearmament with a certain number of Soviet armed weapons;In air defence, each army shall have at least one anti-aircraft artillery battalion.In addition, the firepower of the infantry has changed.Taking the 180th Division as an example, each battalion has four infantry companies (above the battalion, there are still three regiments of one division and three battalions of one regiment), and the newly added companies are called “aircraft artillery companies”.The second platoon of the recoilless battery of the 538th regiment (under the command of the second platoon of the battery’s deputy commander) marched alongside the artillery company and provided sufficient firepower to destroy the tank company of the 1st Marine Division.On the night of May 17, the third battalion of the 538th Regiment moved into the vicinity of the new shop.There was no doubt that this was a reinforcement force (ix Corps was attacking four South Korean divisions), and the 180th division’s main task in the second phase was to cut off the American 7th and 1st Marine divisions from the South Korean army.When the third battalion found the American tank troops, Du Gang immediately called di Anbang, the deputy commander of the artillery company, to his side: “Use the recoil gun to kill the tanks, you feel at ease to fight, I will immediately order the seventh company to occupy the hills on both sides, to prevent the enemy counterattack.”Du Gang’s deployment is also the experience of countless volunteer soldiers summed up with blood and life.With the firepower of the volunteers, taking the high ground cannot stop the American armor, it must also be intercepted from the front.Whether the 113th Division fought fiercely with the 2ND US Division in Samsokri and Yongwon Ri, or the 9th Corps pursued the 1st Marine Division in Changjin Lake, the failure to wipe out the enemy has something to do with this.Du Gang let the recoilless battery get as close to the tanks as possible by night, and Dianbang was bold enough to move the guns within 15 meters of the tanks.The terrain in the new store is relatively difficult, with a mountain on one side and a deep ditch on the other, and only a narrow and narrow path.Ten tanks were standing in a single formation at the foot of the hill. The Americans were clearly resting. They never dreamed of being attacked in such a remote place.Because of the dense array of tanks, Dianbang ordered the first and last two tanks.After the first two tanks are hit, the platoon enters the enemy dead zone and immediately attacks the third tank in front and the third tank behind.The aim was to make it impossible for American tanks to move forward or back.Four tanks were destroyed in an instant, and the Americans scrambled to run for their lives.As early as the battle of Chosin Lake, there was a precedent for the 1st Marine Division to run over their own tanks (the tanks were blown up by volunteers to block the road).This time they did it again, with predictable chaos.The platoon used this time to fire four more rounds, destroying four tanks. One of the remaining two tanks fell into a deep ditch after hitting the tank in front too hard, and the other was destroyed shortly after escaping.The recoilless artillery platoon destroyed ten enemy tanks with nine shells, and the third battalion of the 538 regiment made a brilliant battle.The 180th Division suffered huge losses in the fifth battle, and it can even be described as “defeat”. Du Gang, the deputy chief of staff of the army, who led the third battalion of the 538th Regiment to destroy ten tanks, was also captured during the breakout.However, these can not erase their victory in the Korean battlefield, the 180th division soldiers also with blood and life to defend the honor of the volunteers.