Breakfast when you get back to work!Steamed stuffed bun churro stand aside, blood tonic qi easy digestion, even eat 3 not too much

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“Money goes hand in hand backgammon, the day is booming”, a flash, spring has begun.On this day, XIAO Guo suggests you eat something quick and rejuvenating. If you have left over baozi at home, this special xinjiang food is worthy of being your first fast breakfast of the New Year.By bean fruit food enthusiasts On the safety of blooms TXWC baking steamed stuffed bun in xinjiang people’s standing, and Beijing meat baked wheat cake, tianjin goubuli stuffed bun place in the hearts of the locals are nearly the same, is extremely popular, urban and rural bazaar of restaurants, food stalls, very lively, baked baked buns called naan in pit and unwrap the steamed stuffed bun unarmed posted called naan pit,More than ten minutes of bright yellow skin, crispy skin tender baked buns.Today, this xinjiang food can be tasted at home, easy to handle, and xiao Guo er together to start the first meal of the New Year ~- baked buns -By Bean and fruit food experts vegetable food diary click on the picture to enter the small program,Look at the menu – List of ingredients – Common flour 350g Mutton hindquarters 600g egg 1 plain water 15ml pepper 2g cumin powder 8g Pepper 1g salt 5g onion 200g Sesame oil 15g Edible oil 50g plain water 140-150ml recipe -1.Mix 350g all-purpose flour, 2g salt and 20g cooking oil in a bowl with chopsticks.2. Add an egg, slowly pour in 140g of pure water until it forms a flocculent shape, then knead it into a smooth dough, cover with a damp cloth and let it rest for 30 minutes.3. Chop the mutton hindquarters and onion into cubes.4. Heat 30g cooking oil in a wok over medium and low heat. Fry sheep fat until fragrant and stir fry oil.5. After the oil becomes smaller, push aside a few Chinese prickly ash and stir-fry until fragrant. Filter the sheep fat and Chinese prickly ash and set aside.6. In a large bowl, stir the diced lamb with 3g salt, 8g cumin powder, 2g pepper and 15ml water clockwise to harden.7. Add diced onion and 30g sheep fat and mix well, pickle for more than 10 minutes.8. Sprinkle a little dry powder on the top of the kneading surface and place the dough into strips.9. Cut into 35g pieces.10. Flatten and roll thin.11. Put 45g of filling, fold in four sides and place in a baking tray.12. After all the buns are wrapped, brush the surface with a layer of egg mixture, sprinkle a few white sesame seeds, put them into a preheated oven at 230 degrees for 20 minutes, bake until crispy.