Buy secondhand housing loan how long can approve commonly come down

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Buy secondhand housing loan how long can approve commonly come down?First of all, the loan of the second-hand house is generally approved in about 1 month, the procedures of the second-hand house loan will be more troublesome, need to apply for first, the bank for approval, after the application is passed, the bank will lend.Secondly, the general is the need to complete the transfer of real estate mortgage loans, property to deal with, for the loan is the need to bring id card, house property card, personal income proof, down payment receipt and to the bank for the house purchase contract, after the success of the loans to the inside of the house property card will temporarily in the bank, to do so is that the Banks in order to prevent the borrower repayment on time,If the borrower does not pay the mortgage on time, the bank will put the mortgaged house up for auction.In addition, because everyone’s specific situation is different, choose different banks, different city policies, so the specific process of second-hand housing loan will be different, so if we want to handle second-hand housing loan, we can choose a good bank, to the bank to understand.Finally, if we want to apply for a real estate loan, we need to ensure that the house can be transferred smoothly, so the house we choose is also very important. When buying a second-hand house, we must choose a house with clear property rights and good quality.