Can’t eat tofu with a bad stomach?Doctor: Keeping these three foods in mind may help with gastrointestinal health

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Intestines and stomach can digest and absorb nutrients for the human body, and it is an important digestive organ for eating and drinking life activities. Gastrointestinal health can improve the immunity and resistance of the human body to a certain extent, and enhance the physical quality.If there is a problem with the gastrointestinal system, it will also cause the body to be in a sub-health state and increase the risk of other diseases. Therefore, we should maintain the gastrointestinal, promote the peristalsis of the gastrointestinal, improve the digestive ability, and let the gastrointestinal breakdown digest more nutrients.It is said that people with a bad stomach cannot eat tofu. Is it true or not?If you love tofu, you might as well take a look.01 Can’t eat tofu with a bad stomach?Experts point out: people with bad stomach can eat some tofu appropriately, but to control the dosage of good food, do not eat too much.Tofu contains certain nutrients, including calcium, protein, vitamins and so on. Eating some tofu properly can meet the nutritional requirements of life activities, and can improve people’s resistance and immunity, which is conducive to recovery.But here to remind you that tofu contains more dietary fiber content, easy to bring some gas to the intestines and stomach, if eating too much will speed up the peristalsis of the intestines and stomach, leading to the feeling of flatulence, so do not eat too much at once.1. Chinese yam, also known as Huai Shan, is a good food material for nourishing the spleen and stomach. It contains small starch particles, delicate texture, crisp and delicious, rich in certain nutrients, and less crude fiber content.After digestion of intestines and stomach, it is beneficial to absorb more nutrients, improve the digestive function of intestines and stomach at the same time, promote the healthy development of intestines and stomach, and be conducive to strengthening the spleen and stomach.On the other hand, yam contains a large amount of yam polysaccharide, which can protect our stomach mucosa from the stimulation of other foods. You can eat some soft and glutinous iron stick yam, or steamed yam is also a good choice.2, pumpkin pumpkin is also the main ingredients of spleen and stomach, pumpkin is rich in a lot of cellulose and starch substances, can help us clean up the intestinal metabolites and toxin waste, play a detoxification effect.On the other hand, pumpkin contains antiseptic anti-inflammatory, analgesic effects, the active ingredient is pectin.The national substance effectively removes bacteria and viruses from the gut and inhibits bacterial growth.Eat more pumpkin properly, can effectively prevent stomach ulcer phenomenon, but also to prevent gastrointestinal inflammation.People with bad stomach properly eat some pumpkin, can relieve gastrointestinal pain, repair damaged stomach mucosa, improve digestive ability, promote peristalsis speed, avoid being stimulated by other food.Okra, also known as crook beans by the elderly, is a common vegetable in the market. Eating a little regularly can improve gastrointestinal function and promote digestion, because okra contains a special substance called sticky protein.These substances are made up of polysaccharides and pectin components, and are a good choice for maintaining the intestines and stomach. Sticky proteins promote digestion and protect damaged stomach mucosa.And okra is easy to use, you wash it, blanch it, put some sauce on it, and you can eat it, simple and delicious, but also full of nutritional value.03 intestines and stomach bad people not only pay attention to diet, at the same time should pay attention to the following a few things 1, pay attention to the abdomen to keep warm in winter and in summer, don’t suggest people eat too much cold food, especially the person with bad intestines and stomach, be sure to eat less ice cream this kind of food, while the temperature hot in summer, but the cold food in the stomach may cause certain stimulation,Cause gastrointestinal discomfort, but also have loose bowels.It is recommended that we do not cogly cool when sleeping, to cover a small quilt, especially on the abdomen to keep warm, so as to avoid abdominal cold caused gastrointestinal pain or diarrhea, are not conducive to the recovery of the disease.2, maintain good mood to keep happy, make intestines and stomach feel more comfortable, the physical and mental health of people also affects the development of the intestines and stomach, so everyone should keep a good mood, to get out and release the pressure of the heart of, avoid long time yourself in tension, anxiety or angry bad condition.3, regular diet because of the reasons of the study or work, don’t hungry belly, to form a regular diet, eat three meals a day on time, people in hunger, that stomach secrete more stomach acid gastric mucous membrane, especially people with gastrointestinal disease, should develop good eating habits, to supply the body with the nutrients in time,It’s more conducive to recovery.It is suggested that we should follow the principle of “70 percent full” when eating. Do not eat too much, which will inevitably cause some digestive burden on the stomach, flatulence or stomach pain, and even make people vomit, stomach acid and other uncomfortable conditions.5, do not eat too much excitant food suggested that we should control their mouth, do not eat spicy, and then eat salty, inevitably to the fish intestines and stomach to bring certain stimulation.Especially pepper and edible salt will increase the stimulation of the stomach, but also affect the discharge of feces, increase the anal endurance.On the other hand, things that are too salty or spicy can cause pressure on people’s blood vessels, leading to a continuous increase in blood pressure, which can harm cardiovascular health and increase the risk of gastrointestinal malfunctions.No matter we are suffering from gastrointestinal problems or gastrointestinal pain, we should adhere to a light diet, do not put too much salt and pepper, always remind yourself, should be enough, control the mouth, more conducive to the healthy development of the stomach.6, timely quit cigarettes and alcohol, especially for male friends, cigarettes and alcohol have become essential in life, can release the mind of the pressure, promote the emotional communication between people and business cooperation.If smoking and drinking for a long time, will increase the impact on the intestinal tract, so that the damage to the gastric mucosa will be greater.Especially the people who suffer from gastrointestinal diseases themselves, plus the stimulation of alcohol will make the condition more and more serious, not conducive to the recovery of the body.Smoking is the same, not only will lead to respiratory damage, but also affect the intestinal harmful substances, which will follow the blood circulation into various parts, aggravating the situation of gastric ischemia, affecting the absorption of nutrients in the intestines and stomach, making the body in a worse state.In sum, such intestines and stomach is a long-term thing, and want to pay attention to scientific method, should make reasonable plan according to the true situation of oneself, control strictly, adjust oneself living habit and food habit in time, maintain optimistic mood, conduce to promote healthy development of body more, maintain intestines and stomach health.That’s it. 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